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Dogwood Season and Learning

The dogwoods are in full bloom this week.  I'm lucky to have many trees growing wildly on my property.  Once the dogwoods bloom, I can safely believe spring is here.  Yesterday, Frodo and I took our daily walk in sunshine and warm breezes.  No jackets required.

As I look out my windows, I see green everywhere!  Last night, a neighbor was mowing for the first time and the hum of the tractor reminded me of summer time.  Hopefully today, my husband and I will get the swing outside put up and ready decadent idleness.  Before you know it, the pool will be opened!

This week had me struggling again with technology.  I keep thinking I'm winning the war, but those battles are wearing me thin.  Honestly.  I sometimes feel like I'm missing something.  However, here I am with imported photos and typing away so I do know enough to get by.

Always learning is a key to growing.  I like that I have that stubborn streak that doesn't quit no matter what.  I have been like that since for…

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