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Can you believe we are coming close to the end of October?  I cannot.  Seems like I just flipped the page to October first only days ago.  Time is flying by!  How was your weekend?  I hope it was filled with goodness.

Yesterday I witnessed a beautiful sunrise while I was outside with Frodo.  These days have been glorious to look at, sunny, bright and moderate temperatures.  I'm still wistful for a wool wearing day but I know that will be here soon.

Our weekend was a 'pretend we are on vacation' weekend because we were supposed to visit our family in Ontario.  However, since I have back issues the trip was sadly cancelled.  We stayed local and ate out at our favorite restaurants.  We also took a walk by the river near the park in town.

Our son came home for an overnight visit to get away.  He was here for 24 hours then was back at his apartment.  I'm still doing laundry but the kitchen is super tidy.

This morning while driving to 7:30 a.m. Mass I saw an even more glo…

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