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Knitting on Vacation

As promised, I'm sharing some photos I snapped on my Cape May vacation from the Nikon camera.  I find I like the portability of my iphone but you cannot compare those photos with the Nikon.  I carried the big camera at least one during the day.

My husband and son had the epic paddle ball volley on the beach - 402 times, never to be beaten the rest of the vacation.  I am the one who sits and watches.  Staying out of the sun under the umbrella, I read my book or people watch.  The old people aren't as old as they appeared when I was in my thirties.  I hope as I age I can walk briskly on the beach like them - and look healthy.

We stayed at the Victorian Lace Inn and I adored their porch.  I spent many hours sitting and knitting (and sheltering from the sun).  My next house will have a porch - it must!  I have a patio and it's not the same.

I added inches to the dress length and I'm close to the edging linen stitch detail.  All that's left is some buttons, knitting …

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