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Well well well, I've had quite a weekend!  Yesterday while coming home from the grocery store preparing for my daughter and son in law's overnight visit to see us.  I was turning up our road and I spied a little orange ball of fluff.  I thought "God rest its soul" assuming it was dead.  Then it moved.

I put my four way flashers on and picked it up and drove home.  I was on the phone with the vet off and on for a half hour trying to assess how serious the kitten's condition was in.  Eventually they said 'bring it in'.

 While we waited at the vet hospital as they assessed and triaged her condition.  I said to my husband "Holly for a girl and Jingle for a boy"  and he said " we are keeping it???"  Call me crazy but yeah.

Meet Holly. 

She was below body temperature and had low glucose and dehydrated, not to mention below weight.  I don't know how long she was in the woods and I cringe thinking she was with litter mates who didn't …

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