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Well, well, well.  I'm past the lace chart and right back to the garter stitch shaping.  Somehow I feel like I'm half way through this project but because it's knit from tip to tip I'm having a hard time judging the half way point.  I loved knitting the lace section and cannot wait for the next one!

I've knit a tiny bit on my sweater, nearing the end of the body shaping decreasing.  This knit is perfectly paired with watching TV or talking with others.  Comfort knitting at its finest.

In other news, I'm planning on knitting my son in law a sweater and am mulling over some pattern ideas.  Of course, I could design my own and that will be my fall back pattern from Ann Budd's top down sweater designs.  However, do you have a favorite men's sweater pattern that you love in worsted weight wool?  I'd love to know!

I'm also planning on knitting my sister a cardigan exactly like the one I'm knitting now.  I cannot wait to see what are her favorite …

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