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Knitting Mistakes

I finished the tiny tea leaves cardigan only to find a mistake in one sleeve which I've already ripped out and started over.  Golly!  On one hand, I'm thrilled I found the mistake but gosh, I do wish I would have seen it before an entire sleeve was knit up.  At least, it's a tiny sleeve.  Do you rip out?  Or do you assume no one will find the mistake? 

If I find a knitting mistake, I cannot let it exist..

I was thrilled to find Beartown  in paperback at the bookstore.  I'm not sure when I will start reading it, but it will be soonish.  I'm hosting Easter for the first time in about six - seven years.  I've slowly started to decide what to make for dinner.  So far I'm leaning towards a turkey breast and potatoes au gratin, and either green beans or asparagus.  After that I'm at a loss!  What are your go to dishes that you cook?

Miss Holly has been 'graciously' trimming my shamrock plants that used to be on the kitchen window sill.  So I've b…

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