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You know what is nice?  Having electricity :)  I am going to sing from the rooftops "I love electricity!".  My love for modern conveniences eliminates me from doing any kind of participation in a tv 1800's reality show.  I would not be able to do it with grace.  Now for comic relief, I'm sure the camera would love to follow me around as I grump about with my internal angst.  Ah well...

How was your weekend?

I'm nearly caught up with my to do list.  When I do get caught up I'll be starting a new one.  Isn't that the way it goes?  I spent yesterday listening to a variety of podcasts while doing the chores.  I also spent some time knit doodling.  Knit doodling is starting a pattern when you're not sure of the yarn or the color and just seeing how it goes.  I ripped out everything today.  Stay tuned for the big reveal when I decide on a yarn and color scheme.

The above bookmark with Poland stamps is a replacement of the bookmark that my daughter bought m…

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