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Gathering Mindfulness

This week has been a tender week for me.  Twice this week, the rudeness of strangers aimed at me has left me taking their words and behaviors personally.  I wish I wasn't so sensitive!  Today is a new day, I'm gathering my mindfulness and caring kindness.  Let's hope I move through this day with grace.  Also, I am accepting myself as I am - sensitivities and all.

My sister is arriving this afternoon for a girls only weekend.  We have been looking forward to this for a few months.  You know very well, we will be knitting and talking.  We have a few brief outings planned for both days.  I'm excited!

The new pool liner is in place, the whole process took about 12 hours and everyone worked hard in the heat.  I made lemonade for them hoping that would help.  The exciting part was when the water was delivered, I felt like a kid in a trance by the gushing water.

My son said he was looking forward to fall which gave me license to wish for future seasons.  I'm still notic…

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