Sunday, October 19, 2014


Weekends are for memory making, 
relaxing and enjoying quiet moments of our days.  
If you would like, please share your weekend moments 
in the comment section with a link to your blog.

My weekend was BOSTON.  Yup, we went to visit our son and spent the better part of our Saturday walking about Boston seeing the sights, walking part of the freedom trail.  I loved seeing him and what made the weekend better is our daughter went with us.

I have sore feet and joints but luckily for me I take medicine for that and a few days of rest I should be good as new.  I'm happy to be home sweet wonderful home.  You know I'm a homebody and thrive with the same old same old.  I'm looking forward to my cheerios tomorrow.

So this weekend I'll share some aspects you might not know about me, but then maybe you do:

-I gave a friendly hello to anyone with a cute dog, especially if they were just standing there.  I met a miniature schnauzer named Dolly from Australia!  She loves the squirrels here in America, I think Frodo and her would be fast friends.

-I met a 12 week old chihuahua named Ricky, he was shivering because he was cold and a wee pup.  He was adorable and I wondered if Frodo would "hunt" him.....I hope not.

-I met a schnoodle (sorry no name) that was super fluffy and adorable in the elevator of my hotel, which happens to be very dog friendly!  Made me miss my dog but not the outside duties.

-And just so you don't think I care about the humans, whenever I saw a family taking a family photo, I walked up to the photographer who was not in the photo and offered my assistance.  That is spreading sunshine all over the place.  However, I don't ask what there name is or what breed :)

I loved my weekend but what I did not care for was the waiting endlessly in traffic to drive a few miles (harvard square.....), the high price of parking but cheaper than public transportation, and waiting in line for the restroom every single place I went!

How was your weekend?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dreary Rainy Days

Can you believe the amount of clouds in that photo?  I think we are on the third day of sunless skies.  I'm starting to wish for a ray to poke through and shine.  Just a little tiny wee one :)  Cloudy days are easy to photograph in, no sun to fight with, no changing angles, no changing camera settings or heading under a tree for shade.

Yesterday was endlessly rainy, dreary, and humid.  I watched the rainfall with Frodo, me sighing and wondering when the sun would peek out.  He wanted to be outside, but drizzle is all he can tolerate-downpours are just not fun.  I know now that the duck pond probably has more than enough water after the past two days!

Rainy days lead to some extra cleaning in the house, a little bit of daydreaming about the upcoming holidays and having all my children home.  I browsed through some patterns on Ravelry looking for ideas never settling on one, however I have some new thoughts for presents.

Each fall I think of what is my favorite color of leaves.  Orange, yellow, red, brown, purple.....I like them all-lately I've been enjoying the orange ones with hints of red, or yellow with hints of orange.  I notice something new each season and I love how nature provides us with beauty that we can bask in.  I don't like rainy days but I do like how all the colors are brighter, shinier and bolder because of the rain.  Because of the wind, more leaves are on the ground-all sorts mingled together--maple, birch, oak, sassafras, locust, and walnut.  Swirled together creating a nature bouquet.

All too soon the leaves will be gone.  So each day I am outside, I take a photo and savor the now.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Currently on the Needles

There's been a whole lot of knitting going on around here.  I am plugging away at my sock yarn blanket, enjoying the color changes and loving the way the blanket is keeping me warm while I knit.  However, we have a temporary warm front today so I'll be shelving this project until the warm front passes.

I finished one cowl and started another cowl.  A simple variation of the grey loop cowl.  When I get a chance I will write up what I did.  This time around my wool is alpaca so I went down a couple of needle sizes.  I'm pleased with how this cowl is knitting up.  I'm planning on one more cowl after this one and then maybe that will be it.

My reading is the same, The Signature of All Things.  I do love the writing but sometimes the story ebbs and flows.  I find that when the characters are interacting and there's conversation, I'm wrapped in the story, flipping pages faster and faster.  When the author goes into long descriptions...well I get a little bored.  I do read at night when I am tired and I know that is a factor to my attention span.

What are you knitting and reading this week?

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