Friday, December 19, 2014

The Happy List

Are you ready?  Almost ready?  I've finished the wrapping and only have some baking to do.  The problem with baking goodies is the temptation to eat the baked goodies.

My Happy list:

-two cups of hot tea instead of one a day, feels decadent
-Christmas tree lights, houses decorated for the season
-the Advent calendar my mom made when we were first married
-nearing the shortest day of the year this weekend
-daily walks in mild late fall weather as we approach winter
-the hoot of the owl in the woods in the morning
-the deer that greet me every day
-quiet mornings full of promise
-the rare avocado that is good inside
-finishing off projects making room for some new knits
-the kindness of others
-the anticipation of my children home for the holidays
-a clean kitchen at the end of the day

what would make your happy list?

Have a great weekend :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Currently on the Needles

I have finished knitting that second sock up there in my photo.  I only have to weave in the ends today and snap a few photos.  Done!  I spent most of last night knitting from the gusset to the toes.  I do love that part of the sock and now I need to rest my hands and switch to relaxed knitting, for some reason I tend to knit aggressively on sock projects.  Switching to wooden needles has helped immensely but I guess six-seven hours in one go is a bit much for the hand and arm muscles...

I'm about half way through the short story collection by Alice Munro, much darker than I thought it would be based on the title of the book.  However, as with all stories, some are good, some are weird and some are in between.  Also in the spirit of Christmas, I've decided to re read A Christmas Story the best story of redemption and human kindness.

How about you?  What are you reading and knitting?

Joining Ginny and Frontier Dreams

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Scrap Sock Yarn Blanket Update

I thought I'd share with the you the progress of the eternal blanket.  The progress seems to be slower and slower as I round another corner, but I love sitting under the now lap blanket and adding a few rows here and there each evening.  I daydream about when I will be done, how big will it be.  Have I run out of sock yarn.....nope, not yet.

As a knitter I think we all have odds and ends tucked here and there.  I remember starting this blanket in the middle and thinking there is no way this will be a pretty blanket.  Oh how wrong.  I love the way this looks!  Each yarn I pick up to add has a memory-a pair of socks for me, my husband, or one of the kids.  Maybe a shawl, or a scarf.  I remember each and every one!

To my delight, Andi from My Sister's Knitter blog sent me some of her odds and ends to add to the cause.  As you know, presents in the mail are simply the best.  I love the array of colors and the sweet little stitch marker along with some tea.  Thank you Andi!