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Hello!  I'm sitting here with my laptop and feeling giddy about all the chores I've completed today.  A much needed vacuum and a successful one where the pets were managed as they ran away but not one chasing the other.  I'm getting pretty good at navigating the zoo.  Sometimes.  I lost the plant eating stand off - the shamrock plants are in my bathroom away from the cat.  I decided to pick my battles and shooing her away wasn't a battle I wanted to engage in.  Did she win or did I?

Yesterday, we met up with our daughter and son in law at a half-way driving point for lunch and a bit of shopping.  Did I take ANY photos?  Of course not, I was 'in the moment' since our time together was an afternoon then we said goodbyes and headed home. 

Today, we took a walk with Frodo down the 'dirt' road that is paved.  For years we've called it the dirt road when it was a dirt road, so that's the name.  Look at all the brownness in the landscaping.  The wind…

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