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Guess what!  I've been in Cape May, NJ since Wednesday and tomorrow morning I'm going home.  If you know me at all, you know that going home is the best part.  I miss Frodo, my house, my coffee maker, my bed, my internet speed and gosh....just my regular boring life.

We were lucky that our son came with us on this mini vacation (I missed my daughter and son in law who could not come).  This is a much needed vacation since my husband's job was stressful last year.  Now that he is back to being a professor, stress is slowly ebbing away.

Thanks to this dutiful blog, I was able to figure out that the last time we were in Cape May was in 2011 with both kids.  I have wanted to go back since but school schedules of three people made it impossible.

We had fun saying remember when, checking out stores to see if they were still in business and remembering all the previous summers spent here.  I love Victorian history and even did  trolley/estate tour to soak up the information.


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