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Visitors and Happenings

See all that knitting up there?  I bet you a shiny new penny that will be my progress when I next blog.  Why you ask?  Well......she's here!  Our daughter arrived late Tuesday night after my husband drove to the philadelphia airport to pick her up.  She is here for two-ish weeks and my son in law arrives next Tuesday after finalizing the moving arrangements in California.  We will help them move to Delaware some time in the beginning of October (no definite dates...).

My brother in law and sister in law from Ottawa are arriving today, as well as our son.  I will have a FULL house!  I am writing my lists and checking them twice.  A carrot cake is in the oven as I type this post, and once the timer buzzes, I'm off to run some last minute grocery store buys.  I might be ready then.   Maybe.  We'll see.

 The house is clean (sort of) and I have a menu plan (sort of).  See, I'm ready.

I babysat twice this week and the poor little one is teething something fierce.  It is so …

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