Friday, June 24, 2016

Setting Realistic Goals and Summertime

I set a goal earlier this week on tackling the filthy windows in my house (yes, you read that correctly).  I live by the golden rule, if the blinds are down then the dirt doesn't exist.  Simple really!  Day after day, I fixated on those windows and their dirt and those dusty miniblinds that are quite aged.

The thought of that massive task depressed me, especially since I'm physically limited and knew I could not do that job in a single day.  Don't get me wrong, I'm doing great!  My wrist is the best ever and I'm still continuing to see daily progress.  So after a mild pouting session, I changed my thoughts and my expectations.

I decided to replace all the miniblinds in the house - that eliminated washing all the miniblinds in the house (they were over 10 years old....).  My next stage in changing my thinking was to focus on what CAN I do!!  Well, I can work for one hour a day.  Seriously, I can do that.

I set off to protect my wrist by wearing my splint and buying large rubber gloves to protect the splint.  I started up a podcast, you know for company and amusement and worked for one hour a day for the past few days.  I can do an entire window in about 20 minutes, nerdy people like to time themselves.

I'm over half way done with my job and I feel so great about what I'm accomplishing.  Switching my focus and my intentions helped me solve a perceived problem.  I've learned something about myself and how I can achieve anything I set my mind to it, if I switch my focus and expectations.

Summer feels like it's in full swing and yet we have had only five days.  Early in the morning, I listen to the birds sing as I write in my journal and drink my coffee.  It's bliss!  Journal writing is the key to happiness, at least for me.  I take those jumbled thoughts and iron them out and string them out into a coherent paragraph.

I'm brewing gallons of iced tea for my husband and we're still on our eating healthy kick.  I'm doing yoga every morning (and seeing some positive progress in my flexibility) and going for daily walks with Frodo.  I'm embracing the summer season and all it has to offer to me.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Currently on the Needles

I know, you're thinking that my reading this week is exactly the same as last week.  You're correct!  But I'm so close to finishing After You, I only have three or four chapters left.  I am enjoying the book, her writing is compelling to read.  I haven't touched Tavern on Maple Street.

My knitting is all about a test knit for Andrea.  I love this cowl so far and I'm enjoying the Madeline Tosh sock yarn immensely!  There is nothing like a plied yarn after using single ply two projects in a row.  And the wool, well it's squishy and soft and my hands itch to work on it.  Nothing could be better than that!

What are you knitting and reading this week?

Joining Ginny and Frontier Dreams

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Finished Gifts to Give

Over the weekend not only did I finish two gifts that have been in my knitting bag for a few weeks but I tagged them with their washing instructions, photographed them AND wrapped them up.  Ready to give.  I believe this gift giving is balm for the soul.

My wurm hat turned out nicely!  I only repeated the purl ridge seven times because of the drape of the cotton blend yarn.  I prefer knitting with wool but for the recipient who will be undergoing chemo treatments, I thought cotton would be much much more comfortable than wool.

The baby blanket is done and believe it or not, I still have left over yarn in that dye lot.  It's like the seven loaves and two fish(es) deal.  It just keeps meeting the needs of the many!  This yarn is a cotton blend as well and now that it's done, my hands can rest.  Cotton can be rough on the hands since it has little give.

My wrist/hand keeps improving and I feel good overall.  I just need to slow down and listen more to my body signals.  If you know me at all, that is one huge challenge for me.