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Knitting News

I am knee deep in knitting long term projects this summer.  Yesterday, I worked on the body shaping of my top down sweater.  No thinking involved on my part just knitting miles of stockinette with decreasing every eight rows.  I love this part of the sweater knitting.

My whiteout shawl is looking lovely.  I'm completely over the doubting phase and wondering should I drop a needle size, or should I switch the yarns.  Now that there is heft to the fabric all is well and I'm extremely pleased with the pattern so far.  I'm about 17 rows away from the lace section.

To be honest, I haven't done much on this lace weight shawl.  Instead, I've been working on the never ending sock blanket trying to get to the end.  Maybe I'll accomplish this goal in two weeks?  Maybe.

So while I have these long term projects, I'm dreaming of other projects - mitts and socks to be specific.  For now, they'll remain in my imagination.

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