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Book Reading and Puzzles

Poor Frodo had a few rough days this week.  First on Monday, he was groomed and that event tends to tucker him out.  On Tuesday, he received a lyme vaccine that is a new formula and I guess it made him sore and tired. Never fear though, he is back to his investigative self.  Having him in our lives was one of the best decisions ever.  I'm glad he is feeling much better as well.

I have diligently been following along with my Lenten promises and cannot believe we are half way through Lent.  Time is flying during this Lenten season.  I continue to participate in my Lenten readings, learning and growing along the way.

That crazy winter storm last week is almost melted and signs of spring are upon us once again.   The sun was shining on my daily walk yesterday and even though I was bundled up, I know this cold weather is temporary.  I choose to believe.

I've been reading my first Louise Penny book "Still Life" after seeing this author showcased again and again on blogs a…

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