Friday, July 25, 2014

Dinosaurs, Moments and Blackberries

A few weeks ago I woke up to a little parade of origami dinosaurs on my table in the family room, I've left them as placed since they blend in.  In less than a month, waking up to origami surprises will end.  I'm excited for my son's new school year in a new place.  Our daughter is also moving in the next few weeks.  She's taking the bar exam next week and then we help with the relocating, busy busy busy.

So while there is change going on in their lives, I'm waking up and being present in my life.  Yesterday was spectacular weather.  I wore a hoodie in the morning on my walk--amazing!  Cold fronts in the summer are pockets joy.  I'm thankful for the fresh breezes and blue skies.

I won a spot in an ecourse, 28 moments given by Michelle.  (thank you Michelle!)  I have been thoroughly enjoying this course which is chock full of writing prompts, photography prompts and a private group on Flickr.  Originally, I thought I was "too busy" to do a course to stop and notice moments of my life, how wrong!  This course is helping me slow down during a busy life.  I'm so grateful :)

Leanne wanted a closer look at my vision board in my studio.  Mostly the cards are from friends that I thought were pretty..  The top left bookmark was from an independent bookstore that I just LOVED.

The blackberries that grow wild in my backyard lining the woods have ripened.  When Frodo and I are out and about we pick them....well, he waits while I pick them.  This year, they seem bigger than ever.  The past week, I've heard the cicadas humming away and even a lone acorn has fallen on the driveway.  The subtle shift has started.  I know we have two more months of summer but that lone acorn brought me a sliver of happiness knowing that Autumn is around the corner.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Currently on the Needles

My blanket is growing day by day, I'm loving each evening when I pick up this project and work for an hour or two.  I wonder how long this project will take until it's completed.  I still have lots of scrap fingering weight yarn to knit through so I know this will continue to be on the needles for quite some time.  As you know, each family member has claimed this blanket as their own :)

My reading is slow but enjoyable.  The Interestings is mildly interesting and at times it peaks and becomes extremely captivating only then to return to a lull.  I'll have to completely finish this book to say whether I recommend a book shelf adoption.

What are you knitting and reading this week?

Joining Ginny and Frontier Dreams

Monday, July 21, 2014

Blog Hop :: Creativity

Last week Hege from Cloudberry invited me to join a blog hop and answer some questions about creativity.  So here it goes...

1.  What have been the doings/makings/scribblings at your desk/making table this week?

My desk has been a landing place for various projects to be tagged or gifted.  I've done some super secret knitting plus I have some note cards to write out in the next few weeks.  Soon I'll be balling up another skein of yarn for another project but I'd like to finish the three projects I have currently on the needles:  a sock, a shawl and a blanket all on my Ravelry page.

Last year I carved a bit of space for myself in the guest bedroom, I love the lighting and the coziness of that little corner.

2.  Where are you currently finding your inspiration?

I find inspiration on many other blogs that I visit daily.  On my walks I'll see golden flowers against a dark brown trunk and think that would be a lovely sweater color combination.  So nature is definitely a place where I tuck away ideas.  Ravelry is my rabbit hole for losing time and myself amid the sea of patterns.

I tend to buy yarn without knowing what it will become.  Rarely do I buy a pattern first then shop for yarn.  Since Thanksgiving, I've been knitting from the stash.  I was collecting a wee bit too much :)

3.  How important is being creative to you and how do you blend this with your work-life-family balance?

Lucky for me, my children are adults and I have more time to dedicate to my knitting.  When they were small I would race around the house and try to get my chores done before lunch so that the afternoon was knitting time while they played quietly by themselves.  For the past few years, I've dedicated my early mornings to journaling and writing which has expanded my creativity.  I love that time of the day at most.

My two nominated bloggers are Tracey at Clover and Steph at Woolythyme.  I'd love to know about your creativity :)