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August Reflections

Yesterday I was talking to my dad on the phone while sitting on the backyard swing.  I was soaking up the morning sun beams before the heat of the day, when Canadian geese flew above me in their V formation.  Oh my, if that isn't a sight for sore eyes for this cool weather lover.

August for me is a reflective month.  I dislike the heat and humidity (this year so far very manageable).  However, August loves to show soft signs of autumnal changes.  A single maple leaf placed in a sea of green grass.  Black walnut leaves littering the back roads and yes, walnuts falling as well.  My driveway is sporting a few fallen acorns from my mighty oak tree.  All good, all welcome, beautiful.

So while the humidity climbs today, I'm keeping copious notes of the seasonal changes I witness in a notebook.  Each entry makes me a little giddy.  I've endured the summer, I enjoyed the summer but it's time to move to the next season.

Since my husband is in academia, the end of August for m…

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