Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Currently on the Needles

Yesterday I started something new and I have been in knitting heaven!  This sweet cowl caught my eye a while ago and it's been in my Ravelry queue.  I'm a little concerned that the cowl will be too small but for now I'm knitting away and I'll decide on whether I need to adjust the pattern once I have a few inches committed to the project.  I am totally fine with ripping out and starting over.  It's what knitters do!

Oh, my reading is the same and it's been quite slow this week.  I am still reading this book and I am still enjoying the story immensely.  My time has been limited this week for reading and when I do read, it's right before bed and I fall asleep.

What are you knitting and reading this week?

Joining Ginny and Frontier Dreams

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Weekends are for memory making, 
relaxing and enjoying quiet moments of our days.  
If you would like, please share your weekend moments 
in the comments section of the blog.

Hello!  Oh did I have a great weekend!  First of all, we have been busy with rejiggering the bedrooms.  We bought a queen bed to replace the last twin bed in our son's room.  We also bought ourselves a new bed and the learning curve has been crazy!

My body is sad and missing the old bed!  However, I remember when we bought that bed and I lamented how my body was sore and missed the bed before that.  Each day it gets better, thank God.
Because of my RA, I cannot evaluate any furniture buying as "comfortable" because I guess I'm in a state of mild discomfort?  So it's all up to my husband to discern the comfortableness in furniture.

Friday we went out to dinner with friends at a neighboring town.  We had a good time and enjoyed some pretzels and dips (yum!).  I had a portabella burger that was nice, but quite messy-I switched to a knife and fork half way through.

Lucky for me, my husband made another curry Saturday, so I did not have to cook.  Today was a "big" salad.  If you see a theme of me not cooking well you are seeing correctly!

Hey!  I finished a shawl last night.  I hope to block it sometime this week.

How was your weekend?  

Thank you all for stopping and reading, commenting and meeting some new friends or saying "hey" to some old friends.  I value the little community we have developed over the years :)

Friday, August 19, 2016

Perfect Together

During this week which is sort of a "stay-cation" kind of week, my husband and I drove to a neighboring town to walk around Knoebels Amusement park.  We spent a total of $20 dollars on eating some food and riding the train.  Of course, we walked around and people watched.  Ever since we've been married, we've been people watchers.

We saw lots of families and summer camp children walking about.  The weather was in the low eighties but the humidity was high (still).  This blog will not become a weather complaining blog so I'll keep the comments of what I thought of that high humidity to myself.

We are married 29 years near the end of the month and we are perfect together in that:

-he rides roller coasters but becomes nauseous on spinning rides
-I'm all for a big spin and leave me off of the roller coasters!!

unrelated but:

-he can take care of any bleeding injury and triage assess whether we need to go to ER when the kids (our son) did stupid stuff
-I was the cleaner upper of any kind of stomach upset.....enough said

-he likes the top part of romaine lettuce 
-give me the crunchy bottoms

-I am an early riser for any school outing and driving at the crack of dawn
-he stayed up super late waiting for kids to come home from dances or football games.

-I panic about everything
-he rarely panics but if he does, I don't see the rationale

-he loves to drive long distances
-I love to sit as a passenger and tell him how to drive

-he usually agrees with my ideas
-I usually like my ideas as well :)

Lady Liberty in a smaller version welcoming us to the international food court
 We are still navigating the empty nest.  Overall we are used to it and we have fun together doing lots of things that were set aside while raising the kids.  But while we were at the park, we had a lot of "remember when" conversations as we passed by rides our children loved or hated.

That is what is the very best of a long marriage.  You have a history together and endless possibilities of chats and talks.

arr, a pirate ship that sells stuff in the hull!

I would never ride this in a million years

viking welcoming you to ride a water ride
I have a few more stay-cation ideas for the next two weeks before the semester starts.  Many of them rely on nice (not hot or humid) weather.