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  Good morning! How was your weekend? This weekend was the perfect mix of everything. The knitting, the painting, the writing and the chores around the house. Yesterday it rained all day and while it was dismal looking outside and dampened my mood, I loved the sound of the drizzle and the singing birds mixed together. I'm assured that the greening up of the landscaping is going to happen this week. I am ready! We picked up a pizza on Friday night, a rare treat since we cook nearly every day or eat the leftovers from cooking. What a treat! Saturday was left over pizza. Yesterday my husband cooked a curry. I'm making slow but steady progress on the pink shawl as every other row adds a few more stitches. The stitch pattern is easily memorizable so I'm in knitting heaven.  After I publish this post, I have to sketch out what needs to be done this week. Plus I am focusing again on tweaking the menus and increasing the exercise schedule. Last week was an off week due to minor ach

Hello Goodbye

  Hello to: daffodils and endless sunshine (for now) - to lunch salads and lighter meals - to sitting outside - to birds singing at the break of dawn - to spring cleaning (well sort of..) - to freshness and newness - to lighter knitting projects - to sketching something daily Goodbye to: winter coats - wool wearings - darkness - winter days - writing a haiku a day (phew!) - to expectations and same old same old -sitting inside the house - snow (fingers crossed on that one) How are you?  This past week I've been bit with the spring time bug. I am soaking up these warm temps and even switched the fall/winter bedding to the spring/summer bedding. I had a window opened and the fresh smell permeated the entire room. Early spring is a good time. I've been working exclusively on the above lace project. To be honest, my knitting mojo is minimal right now and I am completely at peace with that feeling. You and I both know that it's temporary.  I was behind on so many tasks that this

Why So Blue Pullover

  Hello! How are you? I took a mini break from the blog posting and now I'm here to tell you all about the finished sweater. As you and I both predicted, the sweater is finished. Just in time for the  upcoming fall season. I love knowing that when that cool crisp air blows, I'll have a brand new sweater to wear. I really don't want to wear a heavy wool sweater right now. I'm pleased with how this turned out and how the color work makes the sweater's statement. Honestly I could knit this again for a third time, but after a break. I've got lots of other knitting projects that are swirling in the back of my mind. Now that the weather is warming up and spring is in the air, I'll be switching to shawl knitting and maybe more sock knitting. Ravelry notes   What are you working on this week?

Perfect World

  Wasn't this week a rollercoaster with what the weather would be! We has sun, we had warm, we had cold we had a bit of a dusting of snow. I think Mother Nature is feeling all the feels this week. It doesn't matter to me, each day we are one day closer to warmer days. I'll take the occasional blast of snow in stride. There's been lots of journaling as always. I find it soothing and therapeutic. So that is where I need to be right now in this moment.  For April I am suspending my 'haiku a day' challenge. I might be haiku-ed out with thinking up my poems. I did that challenge both for February and March. I'm switching back to sketching daily with a sketching prompt from Doodlewash , they are great for some quick sketching ideas. This is supposed to be fun so my perfectionism is being set aside. If we were living in a perfect knitting world, I would be telling you all about how I finished the sweater. Well, I have 10 rows to go and then it will be reality.  I&#