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What a glorious weekend I had!  We had low humidity, chilly mornings and endless blue skies.  I love those kind of days especially after a few days of hot humid weather.  I felt rejuvenated and ready to face the summer days ahead of me.  
I framed the infamous 'red floss bleeding' project and no one would know there are tinges of pink except you and me.  It's our secret.  This project was started when my son was in middle school *cough cough about 15 years ago....*  and I decided during these days to work on it once more.
My son loved it and I hope he enjoys it when he moves into his new space in Indiana, yet to be determined.  

Our daily walks have been great now that the temperature isn't overly hot.  All of the phlox is in bloom and yesterday I spotted Queen Ann's lace blooming, it won't be long before the daisies start popping up.

There was lots and of knitting and lots of reading.  I'm knee-deep reading the Middlemarch drama and I'm enjoying the novel.…

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