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Piggy Mitts and Another Cowl

I am in love with the piggy mitts!  Who knew that knitting a teeny tiny mitten in the shape of a pig could give me endless joy.  I learn something new about myself every day.  These mitts were supposed to be a Christmas gift but I already gave them to her today. 

Sadly, the toddler is a 2 year old and refused to put them on her hands when I gave them to her.  She did keep looking at them though.  I am sure when it's freezing cold outside, she will be wearing them faithfully. 

Oh and I also found mitt clips on amazon so that they stay with her!

I knit up this alpaca cowl using a pattern from my head, it's another Christmas gift.  For some reason, everyone is getting a cowl this year - and I have four more to make!  Gah!

Do not be fooled - I love knitting cowls and I want to make one for me as well.  It's the perfect accessory for chilly weather.

What are you crafting up today?

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