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Wonder Why

Being home is wonderful, but you already know that.  I never get tired of my house, sitting at my kitchen table with my favorite mug filled with coffee writing in the early morning hours.  Such bliss.  Years ago, I started this morning routine and it has served me well.  I remember 'thinking' about starting a morning routine for a long time.  I wonder why I hesitated? 

Didn't summer start off with crazy heat and humidity?  Yikes, I felt like I was wilting.  Yesterday and today was picture perfect with sunny skies and cool breezes while sitting in the shade.  I almost like this season. 

While swinging on the back patio swing, I listened to the birds singing as I read a book.  This reminds me of all my teen summers of endless book reading on the front porch swing with a glass of iced tea.  Oh, my friends would get so frustrated with me because I would not budge unless I finished the book. 

I cannot believe I will say this but I do love the gym.  (really!)  It's climate …

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