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Magical and Beautiful

I've been scrambling around trying to get ready for the Easter weekend.  I've checked off many of my tasks and still have tasks to do.  Isn't that life?  Yup.  How are you?  Are you enjoying some decent weather?  This week has been overall a nice week. I love when I'm driving to and from the gym and I see tree after tree leafing out.  The beginnings of spring are beautiful and remind me of springtimes past.

My parents had half an acre of land in a quiet suburb.  We moved to this house when I was 11 years old.  The previous owner planted everything imaginable on that little tiny plot.  The first spring was exciting as we watched many ornamental trees blooming.  I remember:  dogwood, cherry, magnolia and pear trees.  Lilac bushes lined the driveway and underneath were grape hyacinths galore. 

The yard was magical and beautiful.

We'd like to plant an ornamental tree in honor of my husband's father somewhere on our property.  I'm leaning towards a weeping cher…

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