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Buttons and Thoughts

I'm happy to announce that the sun is shining brilliantly today.  Sure it's cold out but those glorious rays uplift my spirits.  This morning I have a few chores to do and then I'm off to the gym.  Once I'm back home I will be working on some watercolor practicing and some knitting.

I'm stunned that next Wednesday is Ash Wednesday and Lent begins.  Doesn't it seem like we just celebrated Christmas?  I rarely give up a food like I used to when I was a kid.  I remember one Lent my mother gave up smoking (and she was an avid smoker back in the day).  For four days or so the whole family was tortured by her and her unhappiness.  If I'm remembering correctly she went back to smoking and gave up sweets instead, we were all relieved.

I used to give up candy but what's funny we didn't have candy in the house, so how was that a sacrifice?

Have you noticed the earlier mornings and the later days?  I have and my oh my spring is slowly approaching.  Even Holly…

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