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Yesterday I decided to pull out my paints and paint on watercolor paper.  Lately my artwork has been daily sketching with a little bit of paints on drawing paper.  I love the fastness and the ease of mental  low pressure when I do a daily sketch.

I pulled out a new paint set that I received from Santa and I sat at the table with high expectations of great artwork about to be produced by me.  Sadly, I made a hot mess of it.  I was disappointed and frustrated.

Of course I will not share the picture!  I almost ripped it out of my watercolor sketchbook but then I thought, 'where is the learning if I don't have documentation of my progress?'  You see, I LOVE to flip through notebooks and see my progress.  The progress isn't linear nor is it beautiful but it's there when I show up day after day.  I capture shadows or a blend colors just right.

I have my very first sweater (mint green!) that I knit when I was a teen.  Oh the mistakes and the missed accurate measuring of …

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