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This past week I've worn a lot of hand made sweaters and it was glorious.  Being wrapped in wool is one of delights of cold weather.  I know many of you prefer summer and lots of sunshine but I thrive with chilly dark days. 

Along with the shortened days I've been contemplating on how to decorate the house while having a two year old cat.  I think she might leave the tree alone but I'm not sure.  Last year, I put up the smaller tree with ornaments that were safe and not sentimental.  My mom made a slew of ornaments that I treasure and since she isn't with us anymore, I cannot replace those treasures.  So I'm leaning towards doing the same thing this year, my reason being is that the smaller tree is easier to pick up if she knocks it down.....and she did last year.

This week I've plotted out what needs to be done from now until the holidays.  I prefer to do a little bit every day rather than waiting until the last minute to do everything.  I do not perform well…

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