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Normal Days

Life is slowly returning to normal around here.  Well, a new normal around here.  After a flurry of high self imposed stress from worrying and my father in law passing away, I'm back to plain old normal days.  My gratitude journal is a crazy mix of thankfulness.  I'm all over the place with being grateful for good health, having electricity, the working AC and my routine in the mornings of utter silence while I sip my coffee as I plan the day.

My longer commute to work twice a week has been a delight.  I listen to a podcast while driving and the time flies by.  I am still adjusting to working 5-7 hours a day twice a week.  The first three hours are good, but as we approach the lunch time hour - EEP - the terrible two-ness rears it's ugly head.  The poor Toddler Girl is feeling all the feels.

I'm trying to be a step ahead, averting a tantrum, being savvy and sly.  I take pride that I can do this until there's a tantrum over something I am not anticipating.  Anyways…

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