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Knitting News

  Good morning! How are you and how are your knitting projects or other works in progress?  I've been in a knitting frenzy this week. I started a new project, a top down sweater that is the last photo. It would have been the first photo if Blogger would upload my photos in the correct order. This sweater has been such a delight to cast on! I get excited each afternoon when I pick up and knit a few rows.  I'm using yarn from my stash which permits me to buy more yarn right? The above photo is a hat a started earlier this month and haven't spent much time working on it. I decided to photo the project and add it to my Raverly notes so I remember that I should be working on this beautiful hat. Lastly, I will be finishing the last sock of the last pair of holiday gift knitting. I estimate that I will be done in three days. I'm so excited to reach my knitting Christmas goal! What are you working on this week?

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