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Finding Joy

My husband and I have settled into a new rhythm to our weekdays.  He's busy working remotely from home in my craft room upstairs (also known as the cat room...or guest room).  He'll be in various virtual meetings and Holly will walk across his laptop to take center stage.  If only she new that people were watching.  After lunch we take a walk with Frodo as long as it's not raining or like yesterday not super windy. 

This morning I heard a woodpecker while drinking in the beginning of the day as I stood outside.  I try my very best to write a few things down that I'd like to do during each day and they're simple goals.  Mainly my watercoloring has been scant.  I don't 'feel' like it and when the afternoon arrives I know I won't do it at all.

Yesterday I set up the paints and supplies right after breakfast so that when I walked by I would be reminded to do something, anything.  This worked!  I enjoyed playing around with color mixing and found joy.  …

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