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Weekends: Lake Placid

On Thursday morning my husband and I left to drive up to Lake Placid, New York to spend a long weekend with his brother and sister in law.  We had so much fun!  It was nice to be together and explore the area that my husband and I visited seven years ago.

The hotel made a hot mess of our reservations.  We were to have adjoining rooms for three nights but sadly my husband and I had to spend one night in a regular room then switch over to the adjoining room.  The problem was the pricing changes (repeated ones).  An attendant then adjusted our bill on Friday night for two nights instead of three but this morning at check out, I had another battle over the price.  Then another battle on the phone with the manager, every single time I had to explain the situation.

Honestly, it was stressful but luckily that was the only problem.

On Friday morning we headed over the High Falls Gorge.  Super super fun!

Then we headed over the White Face Mountain.  We drove up one mile above sea level and ha…

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