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Take for Granted

  I'm amazed at how much I take for granted in my surroundings and my life. I live in a small rural town and my husband and I take the same daily walks down two of our adjoining roads. You might say it's a 'same old, same old' way of living. I thrive on sameness, honestly the more mundane my days can be the more content I am. I eat the same breakfast every day (cheerios)!  This week we put a pause on the Great Decluttering of our house (yay) and ventured to towns that are close to us. We sat on a bench and watched geese and goslings playing by the river and we picnicked outdoors at a park near a beautiful covered bridge. This particular bridge is retired from car crossings and filled with picnic tables. We took Frodo with us who was thrilled to be exploring new places. His nose went into overdrive trying to decode the information. He thoroughly enjoyed our outings. No matter where we go with Frodo, there is someone who stops us on our excursions and tells us about their

Knitting News

  Hello! How are you?  I'd love to tell you about how much I am knitting but that just isn't happening this week. My husband and I have been overly busy and as you know, some things get set aside for the busy. However, yesterday afternoon I had a blissful 2 1/2 hours of uninterruptedness and I knitted away on the second Christmas stocking while listening to some audio knitting podcasts. What bliss! So today no matter how busy I am I will be returning to this project and giving myself permission to ignore the 'busy' and give myself a much needed break. What are you working on?


  This weekend is brought to you by two household pets and an elusive frog that posed ever so pretty for a photo while it was enjoying the abundant endless sunshine.  How was your weekend? Mine was packed full of household chores and tasks. It's too boring to list them but let's just be honest and say that checking off a long list is satisfying especially if you color code the list. The Great Declutter has taken a brief pause because my trunk is full of stuff and I have to get rid of that before I can load up again. Excuses come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Yesterday was brilliant sunshine and over 80 degrees. On our daily walk, I was wishing for capris instead of jeans, I was overdressed.  How was your weekend?