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Christmas Serenity

The very best part of Christmas break is the lull after the official holiday.  I thoroughly enjoy having no pressing matters on my mind.  I think the week or two before Christmas gets hectic with all of the last minute items that need to be bought or wrap.  I am a very detailed list maker but every year I seem to forget to put something on my list and it usually happens very close to the due date.  Part of me wants to be a better list maker (as if!) and the more rational part of me wants to simplify my holiday.  This week after Christmas I am leaning towards simplifying. I have been dutifully working on the Purple Majesty sweater .  So far it is extremely easy because I am working on the body.  My son wanted a hemmed edge instead of a ribbed edge.  I am super excited at how nicely the edge turned out :D  I decided to do a contrast color for the inside hemmed edge.  Here is a picture: My Elderberry Wine Shawl is making some progress.  I am on Chart C.  I think I will always be

The stockings were hung on the chimney.......

Well I guess mine are not hung as of yet.  Ginny, over at Small Things  hosts a Yarn Along on Wednesdays.  Everyone who likes to read and knit can link their blog post with their books and projects on the needles! I finished the Orange Green Socks ! Apparently I am a slow reader, I am still reading Drowning Ruth. This week I have been frantically making stocking ornaments for presents.  I am definitely giving one to our dog groomer and the others I like to have on hand just in case I need a present.  My mother made one before the 1980's.  I am guessing it was made in the '70s but it is just a guess.  Can you see where a little mouse nibbled on my heirloom ornament???  This was before I learned to store my Christmas decorations in a plastic bin. Six years ago I decided I wanted to make this little stocking but was too lazy to search for the original pattern that was somewhere stored in my many boxes.  So I invented my own pattern based on the original.  I decided

Old Fashioned Christmas

I thought it would be nice to share some of my favorite old ornaments that I have hung up on our tree.  The first ornament is a wishbone (yes, the real thing) that my grandmother crocheted around and decorated with is from 1975! The next ornament is a plastic canvas sleigh that my mother made when I was a teenager, this is a broad estimation.  The little baby was my grandmother's and when my daughter was little she enjoyed putting the baby in the sleigh.  So now they always go together. I am pretty sure that the next ornament was made by my grandmother.  I do not have an exact year but I am guessing it is more than thirty years old. This doll ornament used to be my absolute favorite on our Christmas tree growing up.  My mother made many of them.  I have two or three hung and have saved a few for my son and daughter when they have their own Christmas trees. This is not an old ornament.  But it is based on one that my mother knitted more tha

Yarn a long, Finally!

I have been wanting to participate in Ginny's Yarn-a-Long for quite some time.  I think since it started many weeks ago. I have had lots of fun looking at what everyone is knitting and reading.  So today is my big day.  I actually remembered on the correct day and I have taken some pictures.....such progress. I am currently reading Drowning Ruth.   I am really enjoying this book.  I bought it at our local library's used book sale in the summer.  I'm more than half way through.  I think the story flows nicely and there is just enough information that makes me want to keep reading to find out what happens next.  I love plots like that! As for my knitting I have been working on two projects.  The Orange Green socks for my daughter that are in the "loud" colorway are more than half way finished.  That means one sock is done and one is left to complete.  My daughter loves them and cannot wait to wear them, it has been quite chilly here. My other project is


I am plugging away at a pair of socks for my daughter.  When I went to the PA Endless Mountain Fiber Festival she was my side kick for the day.  She loves a car ride and is always ready to choose a sock skein so that I make her a pair of socks.  This year, she picked an orange and green colorway that is just really out there.  The feel of the yarn is wonderful.  It is taking me a long time to accept the colors.  Now that I have more than half of one sock done I am liking the colors more. My fingerless gloves are completed as well.  The pattern is CanCans  and it was very well written.  I would definitely make these again but with a slightly heavier yarn.  I think more sock weight than fingering weight would be better. Almost ready for Christmas around here.  We are fortunate because we do not travel to visit any family during the Christmas break.  All of our family is five hours to nine hours out of town. When our son was born he used to scream on any car rides.

Basket of Yarn

Today there is a little bit of snowing going on.  It is just beautiful!  Of course, it will not be measured in inches or feet because it is just a tiny amount of flurries.  It does put one in the holiday spirit.  When we returned from our trip from visiting family, I decorated the main floor for Christmas.  Let me tell you, I was sore from head to toe.  The next day I decorated the media room which is much easier because the tree is smaller and there are less knick knacks that get placed.  At the time I thought I was nuts decorating.  However this morning I am thoroughly enjoying the effort I exerted. On Ravelry I participated in a year long Lace Scarf KAL .  A clue was released once a month.  I saved the November and December clue for this week to complete.  I had already decided to NOT do a border since the scarf/shawl was wide enough for me.  So when I sat down to start the November clue I realized that I would probably have to ball up another skein of yarn, approximately 400 yar