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Presently Gifted

Well I hand delivered a gift to my sister over the Thanksgiving holiday.  We exchange Christmas gifts and birthday gifts during this holiday and it is so much fun to open up an extra gift.  This year I decided to make her a special surprise.  I made another ruffle scarf  for her.  The only modification that I made was to increase to 55 stitches instead of 65 stitches.  I really wanted the scarf to be more narrow than the original one.  I also wanted to be done sooner (it is always about me!) and I had a tiny fear that I did not have enough yarn.  Here is a photo: I received a lovely yarn gift at the end of summer and recently decided what to make.   The Anthemion Wrap  looked like it would be just perfect with this wool.  Now for a picture of my Elderberry Wine Shawl :

Long Dirt Road

The very last Christmas present is complete for my side of the family. Now I have to wrap up all of the presents sometime this weekend.  This scarf is for my aunt: My husband and I have been walking Frodo down a long dirt road at the bottom of our hill.  It is quite beautiful and serene.  The bonus is that there are very few cars if any that drive by us.  Frodo loves the walk.  Anyways, we remembered to take a camera on one of the walks.  All of the leaves have dropped and have turned brown but my husband spied these pretty mushrooms! Today is a sunny bright day which is really a nice change.  We were having cloudy days one to many in a row.  The only time I like a cloudy day is when it is snowing.  I would love a flake or two right now!  The TV music channels have already been playing holiday music so why not.  

Sock it to me

Well, it has been some time since I posted.  I really really wanted to complete a pair of socks for my Dad for his Christmas present.  So that is what I have been focused on.  I am happy to report that I finished the socks!  Here is a photo of them: They are made from Trekking sock yarn.  I believe this yarn is the most durable of sock yarns.  I have two or three pairs that are still going strong without a hole or showing wear and tear.  My dad does like the color brown, so luckily this yarn was in my stash just waiting to be a pair of socks.  I only have one more present to make which is another scarf.  I started it today but forgot to photo it.  So next time I will have a picture. Last week while walking my dog around the property, I happened to snap a couple of photos. Last but not least here is Frodo basking in the sun on the pool cover! He is such a funny little character.