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Stonecrop Shawl Complete

Last week I finished the shawl and quickly soaked it in wool wash and fingered it out to block.  I decided against pinning out the shawl because it's cashmere and cashmere is fragile.  I do love how soft the yarn is, but I think aplaca and wool silk blends are just as soft. The pattern was interesting to knit, there were three main charts, two for the edgings and one main central panel.  I had a time of it remembering where I was on the charts since they do not align.  Kept me on my toes!! Of course, if I would have used a tool such as a sticky note or a pad of paper then that would have solved my problem, but where is the fun in that??  and life lines??? no way, I like to live on the edge.  Luckily I did not have to unknit much if at all. I love laceweight shawls to wear because they are light and airy.  This shawl does match the dress I will most likely be wearing to the wedding.  I might be wearing this shawl to the wedding as well.  However, when July rolls ar

Stonecrop Progress Week Two

Each day I knit at least 12 rows and sometimes I knit 24 rows.  I've hit my groove now that I've done the main chart three times, only four more to go :) Ravelry notes here