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This and That

  Good morning to all of you! How have you been? I've been focusing on my knitting and my relaxation techniques which includes daily meditations. I am also trying my best to NOT multitask. This is quite the challenge since I love to be doing two things at the same time. Apparently multitasking increases stress levels, who knew! I have two projects on the needles, another pair of holiday knitting socks (number 3 out of 4) and a hat for me that is of my own design.  I haven't made a project page for the hat as of yet. I'm enjoying both projects immensely and while working on them I think about a knit for me. In other news we woke up to a 'bear' incident yesterday morning. The little stinker got into our garbage and threw that around as well as broke into the fenced in area and tried to walk on the pool cover.  We think it's a cub based on the footprints below. This is one huge disadvantage of being surrounded by woods in a rural area.

Around Here

I'm excited to tell you that I finished the back of my son in law's sweater - today I'll work on the other front and then sleeves!  Yes, I'm one of the few people in the knitting world who likes to knit sleeves, I know that I'm near the end of the project and sleeves go so quickly for me.  In the evenings, we've been watching something from Netflix and I knit away, stitch by stitch. January so far has been wonderful for knitting. The Holly/Frodo saga continues to evolve and progress.  Little Miss Holly comes out of her room ever so cautiously (totally nosy) and then retreats like a ghost chases her.  Yesterday, she sidled up to my husband on his left while Frodo was sitting on his right.  I don't think either pet knew the other was there but then maybe they did.  Once Frodo figured she was there, he did his sniff - retreat behavior.  Over and over and over until eventually he does a bark.  Holly stands her ground and hisses.  Both are doing qu