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Tea Rose Dress

While knitting this dress was hard on my hands, the challenge was worth it!  I love the finished dress.  The directions were clear and concise with lots of photos to guide you through the steps.   Purl Soho is talented in clean classic designs. I dislike knitting the linen stitch with all of my being, but...but I love how it looks.  Thankfully the bodice knitted up in two days and then I was blissfully knitting mindless stockinette stitch.  The older I get the more I love mindless knitting. The yarn I chose was Berocco Weekend DK , a machine washable acrylic-cotton blend that was lovely to knit with.  I knew that the fiber would be hard on my hands, cotton blends usually are.  However, I took frequent breaks and limited my time on the project. I'm waiting for the next time I babysit to give the dress to the mom.  I'll let you know if the dress fits.  I am hoping it's slightly big in the chest size and perfect for length.  Fingers crossed :) Ravelry n

Tea Rose Dress in Progress

I promptly cast on this little dress when I arrived home with the yarn.  The pattern is from Purl Soho and was released a few weeks ago (maybe time perception is warped).  The little girl I baby sit wears 12-18 months size for length (she's a wee one).  The largest size in the pattern is 12-18 months.  So I went up from sport to dk weight to make the dress slightly bigger. As you can imagine, I'll think 'this is too big' then I'll think maybe it's 'just right'.  I wish I could try it on her!  But surprises are for keeping secrets and the mom doesn't know I'm knitting this. This secret is killing me.  I want to send in progress photos!  Share size measurements!  Measure that little chest! Instead, I'm telling all of you.  Anyways, I think this will fit her for late summer, fall and probably into winter.  So all is good, right? The yarn is mostly acrylic with some cotton and it's machine washable.  My hands hurt