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Embroidery Love

Last week I did something I rarely do (besides put car keys in the wrong car ignition, ahem).  I impulsively bought something from Etsy.  Now keep in mind, I've been daydreaming of THE perfect embroidery stamped patterns since I saw Steph's stitching .  I perused may shops online as well as box stores, always leaving empty handed.  I get discouraged when I have a certain idea of what I want and it doesn't exist. A dear blogging friend, Cory , has started an Etsy shop called  dreaming of pastures  and she listed the pattern of my dreams, see it does exist!  A lovely peacock that I can go wild with different flosses.  My package arrived yesterday, only five days after ordering-impressive! So this morning I dusted off the embroidery floss boxes from my long ago cross stitching days.  Sometime this afternoon I'll be starting a new project and hoping that my stitching skills return quickly. Thank you Cory for a lovely Embroidery Sampler