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Dusk at Elk River Shawl

Sometimes I wish all of you could see my finished knits in person.  The softness and the shimmery effect of a wool silk blend is wonderful and cannot be captured with photos.  Oh well, I hope you can conjure up some wonderful images of what I am showing you. I finished my shawl before the busy weekend and blocked it once I returned home.  I have my priorities. Andrea of This Knitted Life  has embarked on indie dyeing some lovely yarns for her new business.  She knows what she is doing!  First of all, the quality of the single ply wool silk blend is spectacular.  The yarn is a delight to knit with. When I soaked the wool, I didn't see a hint of purple in the water.  The rinsing was minimal since I used a wool wash to soak the shawl.  Again, I love when a wool blend behaves exactly as I expect and makes the finishing a breeze. Thank you, Andrea :) I used a pattern by Helen Stewart, Amulet Shawl .  I love her designs because of how detailed they are written an

Hey Now Shawl Complete

I've been itching to share this shawl with you all.  If only you could see this in person, what a delightful sweet easy to knit shawl.  Definitely give Reyna Shawl pattern a look see.  The pattern is quite easy to memorize and execute if you are familiar with lace knitting. Amanda  decided to dip her toes (hands?) into hand dyeing yarn and this lovely skein is the result of her masterful talent in pairing colors together.  I loved the yarn base she chose and of course the sweet tonal colors of pinks and purples.  A delight to knit with!! I decided to block the shawl aggressively to gain as much growth as possible.  Ordinarily I do not block garter stitch, but with only 400 yards of yarn I had a wee shawlette.  Blocking did its magic and now the shawl can be worn on the shoulders. As you know I wear shawls around my neck like a cowl.  So pretty in pink! My Ravelry project page The Life and Times of Julian and Amanda Amanda Makes Yarn Etsy Shop