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Lacestar Review

I'm excited to share with you a new ebook that has been recently published by knotions magazine titled Lacestar written by Elizabeth Felgate. This ebook is filled with useful information regarding lace knitting which is perfect for beginning or early intermediate knitters who are dipping their toes (or knitting needles) into lace knitting and want to understand some theory as to what is happening when you manipulate the stitches to create lace. Lacestar  covers many topics including:  placing a lifeline, making yarn overs, increasing and decreasing, the best cast ons and bind offs and making nupps as well as many other topics.  I found the section about fixing mistakes quite useful. Throughout the Lacestar ebook, there are links to tutorials as well as to additional resources to broaden your library.  Each section is supported with a written explanation about along with many photographs to understand the topics covered. There are nine exercises that progress the knitte

ShawlStar Review and Giveaway

Knotions knitting magazine asked me if I would review their ebook, ShawlStar, which is being re-released with an additional three more shawl shapes at the end of this week.  I was thrilled with this opportunity since I knit a lot of shawls and I do love to help out our knitting community. The original ebook was published with 40 shawl shapes in 2018 and comprehensive is THE word to describe this ebook on shawls.  The author, Elizabeth Felgate, goes into detail about the various shawl shapes, discusses the pros and cons of each one and gives a 'recipe' to create each shawl shape.  Guidelines are given to create each shape and includes variations as well.  The amount of information is impressive and will have you itching to design and create a shawl.  The instructions are clearly written with many photos and examples of the shapes as well as schematics indicating the direction of the knitting.  The table of contents makes it easy to scroll to the specific shawl shape or

Dutch Label Shop Review

I'm excited to share with you labels and tags for your 'oh so special' knits that you give to people.  If you are like me, I usually write out the care instructions on a tag and attach it to the gift.  Most of the time I'm writing over and over again 'hand wash cold water, lay flat to dry'.  I remember wishing I had a label for that. Well, my wish came true when the  Dutch Label Shop  asked me to review their various labels and tags.   I created a custom care label on their website easily and now I can stitch one to the inside of all those 100% wool projects. I feel liberated and having a care label gives a finished project a polished look. I also ordered woven labels and hang tags with my blog's name on them.  Their website is simple to use and they processed my order quickly.  There were abundant design choices in fonts and colors to give your labels and tags a personal touch. Dutch Label shop will be offering a discount code to my reade