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Yarn Baskets

I store all of my "pretty" yarn in baskets that way I can see what I have and inspiration can flow easily in my brain.  I do have much much more yarn stored away in a closet, but that is for another post.  Today I thought you could peek at my collections.  The above photo is my worsted weight in wool. This photo is alpaca skeins in mostly fingering weight but there are a few worsted weights tucked underneath.  As you can see, I have a love of green going on. The bottom basket is sock weight yarn and the top basket is lace weight alpaca.  I've shown the fingering weight wool basket in this post . Sigh, if only I could knit all day and all night, that would be so much fun! This was my mother's yarn basket, I've kept it in the family room by my side table.  There are a few more skeins of yarn that were gifts.  I'm still mulling over what they want to be when they are knit up. Do you display your yarns?  How so?

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fall goodness  I'm slowly getting used to having my own space.  I spend time in my room and it feels weird-in a good way.  It's quiet and Frodo follows me to take a nap while I'm in there. All I need is a comfy chair to knit in and it will be paradise. I couldn't resist buying the burnt orange cascade 220 yarn the other day.  For now I am just admiring the skeins, casting on a new sweater can happen in September or October. this skein has 560 yards!! Early this morning both kids called (I do love that) and lucky for me our son is coming home for an unscheduled get away weekend.  He has a sore knee from overdoing it-rock climbing and biking-so he's requested a little rest and relaxation.  Who can say no to that?  Today we'll leave around lunchtime to pick him up.  Road trip!   my fingering weight yarn sleeve progression  I'm knitting my sleeves on two circular needles quickly making my way down to the cuff.  Some people dislike sleev

My Studio

I formulated an idea a few days ago.  Why not have a space to call my own?  You see, I have yarn squished in my bedroom closet and yarn sprinkled through out the family room.  My notebooks and pens were stashed in a kitchen cupboard.  I had nooks and crannies everywhere.  Since the kids are both on their adventures for the summer, I suggested to my husband that we flip the guest room into my studio room (it's a craft room but I like the word studio better). He said "why not!" that is one of the many reasons I love him. So yesterday morning, 9 a.m. we started.  We moved big shelves downstairs, small shelves upstairs, a table from storage upstairs.  I collected my "stuff" from corners and baskets.  Poor Frodo, he did not know what was going on and followed me everywhere.  I know my legs and arms were aching, so he must have been just as tired (he still sleeping as I type). I still have to share this room with guests when they visit.  However, we have