Sock it to me

Well, it has been some time since I posted.  I really really wanted to complete a pair of socks for my Dad for his Christmas present.  So that is what I have been focused on.  I am happy to report that I finished the socks!  Here is a photo of them:

They are made from Trekking sock yarn.  I believe this yarn is the most durable of sock yarns.  I have two or three pairs that are still going strong without a hole or showing wear and tear.  My dad does like the color brown, so luckily this yarn was in my stash just waiting to be a pair of socks.  I only have one more present to make which is another scarf.  I started it today but forgot to photo it.  So next time I will have a picture.

Last week while walking my dog around the property, I happened to snap a couple of photos.

Last but not least here is Frodo basking in the sun on the pool cover! He is such a funny little character.


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