Presently Gifted

Well I hand delivered a gift to my sister over the Thanksgiving holiday.  We exchange Christmas gifts and birthday gifts during this holiday and it is so much fun to open up an extra gift.  This year I decided to make her a special surprise.  I made another ruffle scarf for her.  The only modification that I made was to increase to 55 stitches instead of 65 stitches.  I really wanted the scarf to be more narrow than the original one.  I also wanted to be done sooner (it is always about me!) and I had a tiny fear that I did not have enough yarn.  Here is a photo:

I received a lovely yarn gift at the end of summer and recently decided what to make.  The Anthemion Wrap looked like it would be just perfect with this wool.  Now for a picture of my Elderberry Wine Shawl:


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