Easter and a Birthday

Our daughter turned 21 over the weekend and we celebrated by going out to dinner and eating yummy cake.  Why can't the high calorie stuff be good for you?  We bought her a variety of books, a bento box for her lunches, and an armband for her ipod touch so she can exercise AND listen to music.

My husband surprised me with some lovely tulips on Friday!  I really hope when we plant them outside the rabbits stay away from them.  It would be nice to have these tulips bloom again next spring.

I came up with a brilliant idea for Easter dinner.  We earned a free turkey at our supermarket for Thanksgiving (because of all the money we spend there) and it has been in the freezer without any plans for it.  So this Easter I thought why not turkey instead of ham?  I did not realize that the turkey weighed 19 pounds! So I thought it would be neat to make broth/stock out of the turkey bones.  I ended up in the kitchen for most of the afternoon and evening washing dishes, cutting up turkey, cutting up vegetables, washing more dishes, moving stuff around in the refrigerator.....well after all this work and help from the family, I have 18 cups of broth!  I will not go into how much turkey is left over (a lot).  I plan on freezing most of it.  I also doubt that I will be cooking much this week :)  


  1. We won a ham here! My oldest turned 28 on Saturday and I like to think that birthday cakes are not rated--the body just doesn't register "unhealthy" when it's a b-day cake!
    Your tulips are beautiful! Enjoy a great Monday.

  2. Mmm! We had a couple of small chickens which made it a little more reasonable - no leftovers! But the leftover turkey is my favourite part - sandwiches, enchiladas and turkey pot pie. Yummy! Enjoy!


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