My Faithful Companion

Doesn't Frodo look like he was pulled backwards through a hedge?  I love his frumpy messy look, he is so cool for a little 14 pound dog.  He is getting better at keeping still while I snap a photo.  Eventually he tries to "attack" me by coming up to the camera and doing "arf" noises.  He is quite vocal and forward.

Yesterday I worked on my cashmere cardigan while thinking of my next two projects.  More about the projects next week.  I did get past the waist shaping on the cardigan and am increasing the bust area.  I am seeing progress very slowly.

Tonight we are going to watch a tennis match IF it is not raining. The forecasters are telling me that we are in for some beautiful weather, just not today.


  1. Frodo is adorably cool! What a sweet friend you have there. I just started knitting a toy pig last night. Already I'm looking ahead and wondering what I should knit next. Maybe a stuffed bunny or lamb...or socks, or a new cardi for spring. LOL!

    I hope that you have a nice evening no matter what the weather. If it rains, then your son will have an opportunity to rest his arm.

  2. I love your description of Frodo, so funny!

  3. Frodo is such atypical schnauzer. Talking to you and getting your attention, oh yeah. He is so cute and I love his "frazzled look" what fun, I have a different breed dog now but "schnauzes" are still my favorite.

  4. Frodo is darling I love his rumpled look too.


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