Out in the Country

My dad moved a little more than an hour north of where I grew up near Pittsburgh.  He has always wanted to live in the country and farm the land.  I guess he farms a little bit of his land but definitely not on a grand scale.  He only has fruits and vegetables and the only animal is Emma (sleeping in the picture).  There is a bear that has been "visiting" the garbage and the porcupines are eating his barn but they are kind of unwanted.

My dad loves to be outside and cook outside.  If he could do this every day all year round he would be very happy.  So when we visit, there is bound to be an outdoor cooked meal.  He loves his campfire pit and I could not believe he was deep frying potato slices......I really wish they were healthy because they were delicious!

His house is little so we only drop by and visit for three hours before we head off to visit the rest of the family.  It is nice to stop and relax and eat and visit.


  1. All the guy's here love to cook outside too and with temps going to 97 today I'm glad!
    PS- No coffee since last Thursday and I survived!

  2. Wow, photos look fab, got room for another one? It's far too windy here in the UK to do anything outside!! Too windy to put the clothes out to dry they would end up in the next village :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. That sounds like an awesome visit! I didn't know porcupines ate barns. I don't think I have ever seen one. The thought of that kind of cracks me up even though I am sure your father doesn't need his barn eaten!
    Ang (from Peach Coglo)

  4. Aah... The good life. I love the pictures. Makes me long for some of that good outdoor cooking myself!

    Blessings, Debbie


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