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I am overly excited about the two books I bought at the library sale last week.  Sometimes I just cannot resist a good classic book.  Heidi is a book I read as a teenager.  I really do not remember much except wishing I lived in the Alps.  I think it needs to be re-read to refresh this memory of mine.  This book's copyright is dated 1945!!  How cool is that??

Little Toot is another book I vaguely remember.  I am not sure if I read it from the library as a little girl or I saw someone else read it to me.  Does it matter?  This book has a copyright date of 1939.

Both books are in good condition and are placed proudly with all of my "old" book collection.  Now you might have guessed that I am eagerly awaiting the next book sale.  I am always amazed at what books are unwanted, and I am equally amazed at the books that people pick up to buy. The photos were taken outside near the end of the day, the lighting was not the best.


  1. Both of those books I remember! (My dad has a copy of Little Toot he reads to Chase) What a great find!

  2. I love book sales and collecting old books. I remember both of yours from my childhood too.
    I have a 1st printing of Gone with the Wind, Uncle Toms Cabin and Cheaper By the Dozen in my collection from book sales.
    Have a great day.

  3. I found an old copy of The Wizard of Oz yesterday. It has the old line drawings in it that I remember as a child. I bought it for me but was pleasantly surprised to see my oldest browsing through it after dinner. (:

  4. Well done!! I actually own the same Heidi and it's one of my favorites. I too have an old book collection. I already owned another edition of Heidi but there was no way I was passing this one up!

    Little piece of trivia: At Thanksgiving our home school group played men against the women Jeopardy at the annual dinner. The final Jeopardy question was who wrote Heidi? The ladies won. I am obsessed with authors to classics and I've read Heidi several times. First to myself, then to two sets of siblings when they were old enough to enjoy it!

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. when i was a librarian it was awesome to see (first :-) all of the books that people donated. great finds!

  6. Ohhh Heidi! I can't wait to introduce that to my daughter ;)

  7. Very good finds! My mom always snatched up the good books at our small town library's sales. And most of them found there way to me! You're's interesting to see what people give up and what some buy.


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