My weekend happily contained:

-wearing the above woolens all at the same time without being hot
-so many walks and taking in the changing leaves.
-a leaf shower on Saturday-the wind swirled the leaves off the trees up in the air to float down
-changing screen savers to autumn themes!
-a craft fair where my husband and I say "we could make that", but we don't.
-french fries at the craft fair
-scrambled eggs and toast for dinner because we were lazy.
-football season has descended in my house. he was in the front room watching whatever is on today
-I sat in the family room and watched A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.  Now I want to read it again.
-Oh! I finished the socks!! So I wound up about six skeins of yarn and have three projects ready
-started a cowl for me in fall colors (I hope to finish before fall ends)
-enjoying Spirits of Joy.  Hannah graciously had a one day free sign up for her birthday at the end of September which I luckily saw on Twitter.  Thank you :)

How was your weekend?

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  1. Look at all your pretty woolens! I am so envious, but in a good way! ;)
    Ha, Mike and I do the same thing at craft shows! Poor Mike, then I put him to work when we get home.
    I have two weeks from yesterday until my son is getting married and since I have been eating whatever I want these last few months I am on a strict diet of fruits and vegetables, although I really think I have waited too long to make any difference. Enjoy the fries!
    Thanks for the comforting words! Knitting really does help. I am working away on my third Annabel, but this one is larger and taking more time than I thought.

  2. oh, I see 'fetching'!!! love those mitts!!! (should have had mine out this weekend, too) didn't know a tree grows in brooklyn was a movie....just read the book for the first time. now maybe I need to see the movie!!! what a great weekend you had!!!!!

  3. Look at all those lovely woolens, beautiful. Sounds like a lovely weekend.

  4. Such pretty woolens! I'm almost finished with my "fetching" and will hopefully have them to wear tomorrow or Tuesday!

  5. i like eggs for dinner.
    and guess what....we were at the beach today and in the ocean. no woolens....yet.
    Is"A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" a wonderful story? Please tell me, because I have the book sitting on my shelf. I know it's a classic.


  6. It went from 80 on WE to 35 on TH. SA was in the low 30 and I was excited to wear my sweaters. Not one I've made. That hopefully will come this winter!

  7. Look at those gorgeous woollens! I dug out some of our things last week but I still have to find out where the rest of it is packed. That should go on my to-do list this week… xo

  8. Oh, I had to laugh at the "I can make that" but don't! Guilty! :)

  9. Yay for the wearing of woolens!
    I wore gloves at Anya's soccer game on Saturday morning- briefly........
    We are having an amazing late summer here.

  10. What wonderful knits! I'm glad you finally got to wear some of them!

    I didn't know (till I read your post on my site!) that you were taking Hannah's course too... are you LOVING it!?

  11. I love those gloves!! They are on my list to make, and yours are gorgeous!

  12. not fair. totally jealous you were able to wear all that wool and never break a sweat!

  13. I love that film. Sounds like a lovely cosy kind of weekend.
    Hope the rest of the week is as good.

  14. I love the "we could make it" but we don't. Isn't that just how it is?

  15. Love that you are able to wear your lovely knitted woollens. Wishing some lovely fresh, crisp autumn days for you. I haven't watched the movie you mentioned. Will have to look it up. Jacinta

  16. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Fall is really here now!! Love all your hand knits!!

  17. ooh...love all those woolens you wore!!! you weekend sounds aboslutely delightful :)

  18. Love all the woolens. They just make me smile. I did my first thumb gusset this weekend. I need lots of practice ;)


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