Heat Wave

I am sure everyone knows that the eastern part of the US is having a heatwave.  It is very hot outside, too hot to do much of anything except swim.  I am grateful we have a pool and we have central air conditioning.  

So as I experience this heat wave I have a list in my head of what I would like to accomplish before fall arrives.  Here it goes:

-Get the Christmas making list started (this is knitting for others)
-Crank out one or two more sweaters to wear when the weather is chilly
-Clean out the pantry and "stuff"  (my pantry is a catch all of various things!)
-Go through all kid's clothes and donate (this requires the kids participation)

Do you have anything you want to accomplish before the summer is over?


  1. I can't believe summer is flying by at the speed it is..no, I haven't made a dent in my summer to do list! I do need to get busy since school will be starting soon, but all I want to do is read or knit! xx

  2. I've thought about a Christmas knit list, I just haven't actually written anything down yet!

  3. I have a whole heap I want to accomplish-the Christmas list being one of them. I want to declutter my top cupboard over the fridge, go through the kids' clothes (without their contribution). Summer is flying by so quickly. I too am grateful for the central air in my house and the beach!
    Ang (peach coglo)

  4. A wonderful list of do inside things while the days are so hot!

    I NEED to get the girls organized for fair. We don't do 4H, just open class. I'll think about more once this is finished!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. You just throw that out so non-chalantly - "crank out one or two more sweaters". Well, I'm impressed.

    I think you know what is top on my summer bucket list! ;)

  6. I think tomatoes and peppers are the only good use for heatwaves ;-). We're in a holding pattern at the moment as we wait on news of a possible move (new job for DH). But, if it looks like we'll be staying put, I will definitely come up with a list!

  7. ha! soooo much! need to get a bed for the nacho so i can move him out of my bed before the baby comes. need to buy a new rocking chair. all the kids have requested hand knit sweaters. things to knit for baby. order the new homeschool materials. hmmm...does it ever end???

  8. Hot days are a good time for listmaking. I think your goals are totally do-able!


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