Pappy's Birthday

We drove 3 1/2 hours one way to visit my dad to celebrate his 70th birthday party.  And then drove back home the same day.  It was a long ride but luckily my husband did all of the driving.  I know, I am spoiled!

It was really hot outside and we sat and talked and then we hit the limit of hotness and moved inside to air conditioning.  I think I read somewhere that it takes two weeks for your body to be used to extreme hot temperatures without air conditioning.  I will blame my cushy life with AC as to why I am intolerant to high heat!!

My sister and I thought of how we could make this party a surprise party.  It was hard since we wanted our dad to cook the meat ;)  We brought side dishes and our step mom made the roasted potatoes and the birthday cake.

The entertainment was fun and there were a couple of singalongs.  Most of the music is "their" music.....I am proud I knew two of them!!!  (one was by the Decemberists, do not ask which one)

My sister and I managed to snag a couple of minutes on a brief walk to take some photos.  She mentioned that she might be visiting us in August.  I have all my fingers and toes crossed that this works out with her family.  


  1. great pictures, Karen! thanks for sharing ;)

  2. How great to share a wonderful birthday with your Dad. My fingers are crossed that your sister gets to make her visit. There is nothing like sister's! xx

  3. Great pictures and a great birthday celebration! Hope your sis can visit next month :)

  4. It sounds like a wonderful kind of day spent with family. Your photos are wonderful!

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. LOL! "Their music" ;-). I bet my son says that about our Psychedelic Furs and Morrissey one day ;-)...but so far, he's digging our station - especially Guns & Roses lol!

  6. What a beautiful birthday for your father! That cake looks beautiful. Hope you get that visit with your sister - my sister and I were just lamenting our distance.


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