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Did you know that Frodo, our trusty miniature schnauzer, is a rescue dog?  Well apparently he is!  Every morning he first checks to see if he can get out through or under the far so good.  We have thwarted him :)  Then he walks around the pool looking for poor drowning/or swimming creatures.  Frodo stands and stares until we come outside to scoop whatever he thinks is important.  Bugs do not count in the rescue.  The above toad made it.

This poor little frog did not jump but rolled to safety, so I am guessing he swam a little too much.

I swear this is the same turtle (I think he is a box turtle) that is hanging out in our yard.  He is extremely shy and will NOT come out for a photo.  Believe me I try and try.  Frodo does not like the turtle and barks at it.  Even though it does not move.  Maybe he just creeps Frodo out.  (the turtle is never in the pool, just near the woods)

This little critter is a milk snake (according to my husband) and he was rescued from the pool skimmer.  You would think he would be grateful but, no, he was ready to strike.  He was very nasty and mean.  Even though he was not the nicest snake we carried him to the edge of the woods for a better life.  We have lots of snakes that live under the concrete around the pool.  Since we moved here there have been less and less.  I am guessing it is because of dog ownership.

Yesterday, I spotted this little fella hopping on the step of the pool.  My daughter and I went out and gave him a lift to the edge of the woods.  Mischief managed.


  1. You all have a lot of creatures in your backyard. Frogs freak me out because in the midst of my screaming, I think they are jumping right at me!

  2. That is one round little frog! Glad that Frodo is on the rescue squad.

    But the snake? ech.. no thanks!

  3. How fun...'cept for that grumpy snake!

  4. I love it-Frodo the wonder dog! How sweet he is to take care of all the wayward creatures xx

  5. That Frodo really is a keeper! Glad you've figured out how to keep him...

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. Good dog, Frodo! (love the name btw) We have no pets so my sons are the ones who discover creatures in and around our backyard. Lots of praying mantises!


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