Fiber Festival

Doesn't she have the dreamiest eyes?  Just too cute!  On Saturday, my husband and I took a long drive up to the PA Endless Mountain Fiber Festival. I do believe it is my fourth year attending.  I was thrilled to learn that they were still having it even though we have had terrible flooding in northeastern PA and NY.

However, many of the vendors could not attend because of the flooding.  So my usual purchase of some alpaca sportweight yarn from a favorite vendor did not happen.  

I did buy some homemade soap and a skein of sock yarn in a blue color way.  So I did not leave empty handed :)  This visit was all about the animal attendance.  The alpacas were very nervous and were crying from their distress.  Poor babies.  Maybe they are camera shy?

The llamas were okay with their surroundings.  All of the above photos are courtesy of my dear husband who just did not know what to do with himself while I looked about. So he became in charge of the photos for a little bit.

We missed the herding demonstration by a half hour.  We have seen it many times from other years and it is amazing to watch a working dog herd the sheep!

The views are stunning and really green!  Maybe all that rain we received last week had something to do with it??


  1. you're doing plot-to-plate but in knitting instead of culinary terms - how brilliant! The eye in the first picture is mesmerising.

  2. oh how fun, it looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time! i would love to go, we don't have fiber festivals near me. but vogue live knitting is coming to los angeles this month!!
    your husband is a sweetie for taking the photos while you shopped, i appreciate it! i love seeing where you were!

  3. You know what we should do Karen? Next year you come here and we'll go to the beach. After that we will go to your place and visit the festival! I have never been to a fiber festival before, like Lori Ann, they don't have them here. ;)

  4. I have never been to a fiber festival before, but we actually do have one in our county in late October (Chase is insisting we go).

    Your hubby did a great job as being photographer, Karen!

  5. That looks awesome! I'll have to check that out for next year :)

  6. Is that the 'sheep' dog? Gorgeous color. So, what yarn did you buy? :)

  7. How fun; I do love going to fairs and such during the fall! They do have dreamy eyes! Thanks for your sweet congratulations too!

  8. Love the loom shot, makes me miss my weaving!


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