Side Tracked

Yesterday I did some cleaning on the main floor.  I dusted the family room, living room and then the dining room.  Then I was sidetracked.  I saw on the floor a big basket of sea shells that we have collected  over the years from going to the beach as a family.  I picked up the basket and started going through the collection, picking out the tiny shells and the pretty stones.  I do not know how much time I spent doing this.  Does it matter?  I was on a mission!

My idea was to display them where I could see them.  My kitchen window sill is the perfect place-I tend to stand there a lot during the day (I wonder why?).  So now I have a beautiful reminder of family vacations where we would pick up one or two shells or stones and place in a pocket.  I also have memories of big beach pails held by little hands, and shovels and digging for treasures.


  1. I am absolutely loving your clean kitchen and those shells. We all need more seashell time.
    Ang (peach coglo)

  2. What a wonderful way to get sidetracked and remember great times! I stand at the sink a lot too! :)

  3. So pretty! I think kitchen windowsills are special places in the home. :)

  4. That's a great idea and lovely place to put them. I'm envious that you have sea glass; that's just one of those things we don't have.

  5. Memory Lane can take us on some wonderful sideroads. ;) They are perfect in your kitchen window. blessings ~ Tanna

  6. I collect shells and stones and bits from nature, too. How beautiful your shells and sea glass look on your kitchen window sill. What a lovely, deep window sill it is!I spend a lot of time standing at the kitchen sink, too. I find it meditative to look out the window at the birds and squirrels while I'm scrubbing and cooking :-)

  7. Oh, how lovely! We have a fledgling collection of seashells here - but we picked up a *lot* of rocks from the beach when we visited my parents over the summer. xo

  8. i tried to comment on this last week but for whatever reason blogger or my computer wasn't letting me.

    i love this so much. our windowsills are full of rocks and shells and i would have nothing else. your shells look so different from ours that we collect in Canada when we are there.

    they are beautiful!

  9. Hi! Just popping in to view a few other posts. Hope you don't mind. :-)
    When my mother in law visited us we went to some beaches in France. She collected the sea glass and my talented sister in law made a bracelet for her. It turned out so lovely!
    I love treasures from the sea too.


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