The Santa List

yesterday while out with Frodo 

I'm in a list making kind of mood and so I give you the Santa List:


-hot tea in my Christmas mug every single day in December
-my chocolate chip cookies
-having both children home
-the new dog groomer that Frodo LOVES (and so do I)
-Amanda's writing prompts-you can find them here, every morning I write one page in my notebook.
-real life friends and friends I've met through this blog
-wrapped and ready for the big day
-my simple lace knitting-I can easily pick it up and put it down and it's lace weight
-Christmas movie time
-cooking for four people
-being excited about a few surprise gifts for my family
-Brussel Sprouts and green beans, not together but both delicious
-my morning time alone in the quiet


-washing dishes for four people
-doing lots and lots of laundry
-the mess on the coffee table
-those cookies that I love, restraint is so difficult.
-where are the left overs???  having to cook every single day
-car repairs (dead battery)

How about you?  have you a naughty or nice list during these days before Christmas??


  1. I love your lists, especially because mine would be almost exactly the same! Younger Son is home and I pick up Older Son at the airport late today. Tonight I'm going to savor that wonderful feeling of having everyone home under the same roof; tomorrow I'll start sighing about all the laundry, grocery shopping, and cooking. Also, your winter photos are gorgeous!

  2. That's a great list - except for the brussel sprouts, that's the one vegetable I am not crazy about.

  3. Love your lists Karen! Merry Christmas! Enjoy your family time together:o)

  4. Great lists - so glad I am not the only one with a coffee table thing... xx

  5. i love these lists (I just bought brussel sprouts yesterday...yum!)...

    guess who is back on the naughty list? drat. he took the tags off every skein of yarn in the yarn basket. :(

  6. Haha, love your lists. Enjoy your weekend Karen.

  7. Great lists! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  8. I'm glad your nice list is longer than your naughty list! I think I'm going to steal this for my blog post today.

    I'm very grateful for all my blogging friends <3

  9. Love your nice list. Wrapping is very much on my naughty list - this year I will NOT be wrapping on Christmas Eve!

  10. All is nice here, but the weather.. Please send snow!
    Merry Christmas Karen.

  11. Nice List:
    husband on vacay for 2 weeks
    snow on the ground
    children all home soon
    simple Christmas
    good blogs to read
    Christmas music on Pandora
    Decaf green tea
    manger under the tree
    church family
    beautiful tree
    good food

    Naughty List:
    bad cold
    coughing all night
    not much money
    oil change soon
    tons of dishes

  12. Just my normal to do list. And then my list of my to do lists.

  13. Great list! And beautiful snow (it's 9 degrees C here and I'm missing it!).
    Wishing you and your family a wonderfully magical and merry Christmas xx

  14. Fresh, beautiful snow! It's the best. Hot, spicy sweet tea with biscotti... definitely on my good list right now. Almost diagnosed pinched nerve in my arm that is keeping me from almost everything I want to do... top of the naught list.

  15. What a cute post. I agree with your nice and naughty lists! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  16. I love your lists, and have to agree! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season, and I'm looking forward to reading more in 2014!!


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