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Good morning!!

I am back to knitting a forever on my needles knit, the dandelion daze shawl.  I'm thrilled to once again be knitting with wool instead of cotton.  Today I'll be casting on some new projects (I hope).  But for now, I'm content to be knitting away with an almost done lace shawl.  As you know, the blocking process will show off those yarn overs.

Oh I posted about my silver leaf shawl yesterday.

I finished The Lake House two days ago and thoroughly enjoyed the read.  I read some reviews reporting a tidy ending.  This is true and I am one of those crazy people that like bittersweet endings or open ended endings, you know, the ones that make you think.  I still recommend the novel, she writes a compelling story!

I continue to read The Once and Future King and started the second book in the novel.  I'm making slow, steady progress and am enjoying the Camelot Kingdom.

I picked a THIN book off the shelf yesterday, and it's Ordinary Life by Elizabeth Berg, a compilation of short stories.  The book is in terrible condition, I swiftly picked it up and bought it at a used book store sale without a flip through.  This book has been in a flood or some sort of major water damage.  I hope the dried out mold doesn't set off my allergies...

What are you knitting and reading this week?

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  1. Oh, that knitting project looks just beautiful!

  2. I love your knitting - so delicate and that beautiful colour :-)
    And how nicely it coordinates with your book!

  3. Your shawl looks so airy!!! And I love that it matches your book :)

  4. can't wait to see the shawl.....and what new things appear on your needles!!! Love Elizabeth Berg, although I haven't read these short stories. Hope the book holds together for you to enjoy!

  5. I can't wait to see that shawl either!! I just love the yarn choice, it is so beautiful! I am reading a mystery at night - by days, Inspector Gamache is in my ears!

  6. You've chosen a beautiful color yarn for your shawl.

  7. Stunning, looking forward to seeing it blocked I absolutely LOVE it.

  8. I love how your books always coordinate with your knitting. Can't wait to see this shawl blocked.

  9. I absolutely cannot wait to see this finished master piece! It looks very antique-ish already.

  10. I liked the Lake House too. And I was happy about the tidy ending :) If only real life happened that way sometimes!! Your shawl is going to be awesome. Amazing what blocking will do for all the lace work.

  11. I love Elizabeth Berg books. I think I've read almost all of them. Sweet & light reading!

    Your shawl is gorgeous. I love the color that you chose. Thank you for sharing with us!

  12. Your knitting is lovely! And I love Elizabeth Berg, so I'll have to hunt this one day as well. thanks for sharing!

  13. I read that book a long time ago. I really liked it.

  14. Ever so patient; you're going strong on that lace shawl. I've finished two books recently and am on the last of my library, hardcovers stack. I need to start on my swap partner's treats.

  15. Karen, I am knitting again! One of my cabin mates helped identify the stopping point of the sweater I started ages ago and set me back on track. It was so nice to be able to knit along with the others during the retreat! : )

    I definitely thought the ending to The Lake House was much too tidy, as if she just decided to wrap the whole thing up with a pretty bow. It kind of took away some of the pleasure I experienced reading the rest of the book. I'm nearly finished with {prodigal summer} by Barbara Kingsolver. It took a little bit to get into it but I persevered and really am enjoying it. She has such a way with characters! xx

    1. I am beyond thrilled you are once again knitting!! That made the retreat I bet! I hope you share your finished project once it is officially off the needles.

  16. I can't wait to see your shawl blocked out! I love the color and you can't tell how gorgeous lace is until its blocked. -Sierra


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