After a chaotic morning (involving a dog and a cat, ahem...) and after completing the weekly housecleaning chores, I was gleefully sitting with knitting friends and venting.  Ah... How does unloading the complaints make the day better?  I love my friends and I love the slightly relaxed feeling I have whenever I head home.  I should have a knitting meeting daily! 

How was your weekend? We've had rain, rain and more rain.  The backyard is soggy and squishy when I take Frodo outside.  Along with the rain has been gray skies - perfect for staying inside and knitting.

I decorated for Easter and mindfully thought of how to keep the decorations 'kitten proof'.  I stuffed all the felt eggs and little chicks in a big vase and so far, Holly hasn't discovered them yet.  I feel like I'm winning and have outsmarted a cat. 

I finished one project and nearing the end of another project, so as knitters do, I was in my studio winding up all the wools for new projects-to-be.  I wound up some sock yarn and some fingering weight wool.  Tonight might be a cast on party.

I also skillfully managed not to cook the whole weekend - Tomorrow I'll start back at it, after work.

empty project bag

So let me know how your weekend was! 

A note:  Thanks for all the new readers and commenters, so excited that you're here.  And for all my long time readers and commenters, I treasure your friendships we have forged over time through reading each other's blogs :)


  1. I love your sweet bunny made of flowered fabric! And the large bunny and fox...swoon!

    I shall look forward to your next knitting projects! Have you noticed everythimg is ending in exclamation points...Maybe I have had a little too much caffiene today.

    Have a great week, Karen. x

  2. I too love the bunny and fox. I'm looking forward to the next phase in life when I get my own sewing/craft room and I'd sure like one of those in my room. Not much happened here over weekend except firewood.

  3. Um - could you give lessons in how to manage not cooking on the weekend? Just kidding but it does sound great now and then. I am never one to rush through a season but I put all the Valentine decor away on Friday and dusted well. On to Spring! I'll be interested to see what you chose for new projects.

  4. Your Easter/Spring decorations are adorable. Love the little fox and bunny.

  5. I love all your Easter decor, prompting me to make a start.

  6. I love your Fox and Rabbit, but that empty project bag is too sad!

  7. We had some fun with some new friends from the barn. I didnt want to leave my house all weekend, but there was volunteer work to do and I'm glad we forced ourselves to get out. Cleaning-done yesterday! Shopping ..done yesterday! Today is barn day ....but there is a nap with my name on it for 2 pm! THEN I can knit peacefully on my new peace project shawl. Its looking good, but I cant seem to wake up right now! !! Im so tired. :)

  8. Our weekend started rainy (as was our week), but yesterday was finally sunny. Real bliss. Knitting with friends sounds lovely. And unloading frustration is also good. Love your easter decoration.

  9. Our entire February has been rainy & soggy. I'm trying not to complain because it has made for good knitting weather and if it had to precipitate this much, I'm glad it's been rain, not snow. This much snow would be over our roof line & we'd all be in trouble. Hope Frodo & Hope didn't get into too much trouble! Can't wait to see the results of your upcoming cast on party. :)

  10. I feel so covered up right now I had not even begun to think about
    Easter. I love Spring and the Easter season. I hope to have some of my chaos in control by then. I love hearing about Holly and Frodo. They keep life interesting don't they?! We had all that rain here the end of last week and into Saturday. I hope we don't get our entire spring rains in February! LOL! Hope you have a great week and start some new projects! :)

  11. My project bag is empty too! I wound yarn but haven't cast on anything yet. Tonight is yoga, so casting on may not happen till tomorrow...but I'm anxious.

  12. You have THE BEST seasonal decorations. Did you make those Easter eggs? They're so cute. Some look sewn and I spotted a crocheted one.

    1. Oh, I only do a deep clean when I have deadline. I am a procrastination queen!

  13. I am attempting some monogamous knitting in hopes of finishing my sweater. Your decorations are wonderful

  14. I got a shawl off the needles and a wall hanging bound. Now to get some new things sewn and old knits casted off!

  15. A daily meeting with knitters would be the perfect prescription! ;) Love all your Easter happiness. I need to get a move on! It's earlier this year. Have a wonderful week, Karen! blessings ~ tanna

  16. I love your fox and bunny, they are so whimsical! Your weekend sounds as if it was divine! xx

  17. Everything looks so sweet and pretty..
    We've had a ton of rain too.. it feels more like spring and less like winter.
    But today the sun is out and it's not to cold and I can't wait for spring/summer


  18. Love your Easter crafts, the bunny is so cute.


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