How was your weekend?  Mine was wonderful.  I finished a book (that leaves three more to go) and I finished one sock and started the second sock.  Oh and guess what?  So far I have electricity.  I was worried enough about the weather that I did all the laundry on Saturday and powered up the power banks for the phones AND filled up some jugs with water. 

The water jugs are still sitting on the kitchen counter, just in case.  I believe in enough magic to know that if I tip them down the drain, the lights might just go out.

I finished reading The Clockmaker's Daughter, by Kate Morton  and it was 'okay'.  I liked her previous books better.  I didn't care for all the different times in the past, there were a lot and the ending left me thinking 'what??'.

I'm now focusing on Magpie Murders and will try my best to finish that book next.  I'm over half way and am thoroughly enjoying the mystery.  Sadly George Washington has been set aside so I could finish some books.  I'll return to dear George when I finish Magpie Murders.

We did not get the snow amounts that were predicted.  I'm okay with that.  Whenever they start talking about ice or sleet I worry about power outages.  I woke up to rain and now it's a chilly 20 degrees outside and the temperatures are still dropping.

I am currently wearing:  a wool sweater, a wool cowl, and a pair of wool socks.  Winter is for knitters.  Every morning after I feed Holly and Frodo, I go into my chifforobe and pick a woolen knit.

On Saturday I helped my husband go through clothes that have accumulated over the years in drawers and in the closet.  We made great progress.  There are a few more drawers to go.
Today he cleared the driveway of slush and wet wet heavy snow.  I'm grateful that I didn't have to participate (I did do the laundry...).

Tonight with a cup of green tea, I'll be working on my sweater and reading some more of my book.  I should menu plan and sketch out my week but I do have tomorrow morning to do that. 

How was your weekend?


  1. Mine had lots of sewing, a little knitting, some errands before the snow, and then tonight a birthday celebration with both girls and their beaus. My actual BD the eldest was missing. So happy to finally see her tonight, it's been over a month since we saw her.

  2. Quiet weekend here. No snow but temps were bitterly cold. I stayed in recovering from the second shingles vaccine. I did the second injection because I knew I'd be staying in anyway. So glad to have that behind me. I picked up my current shawl in progress and had some peaceful knitting. I am glad you have electricity and a second sock on the go. They look warm.

  3. A bit of snow, a bit more of rain and lots of cold. Thankfully, the sunny, windy day meant the roads dried pretty well and we didn't get the ice slick that was predicted.

    There was some knitting and a whole lot of organizing of patterns. It was a GOOD weekend.

  4. It was a productive weekend - even though the forecast for Saturday fell flat! This morning 2 degrees is not the best start to a Monday - stay warm!

  5. Not much knitting for me (unraveling? Yes!). Like Dee, I organized patterns and I got rid of a lot of paper...now I'm piling books in a box to donate. It feels good. If only I could get Fletch to do the same (Mr. Pack Rat). I'm baking bread and making a shrimp chowder for dinner. It is bitter cold outside!

  6. Glad your power stayed on. I firmly believe in The Magic. Spare candles and water keep the power on, a chocolate & wine stash keeps ice storms at bay, having a knitting project in the car keeps the car running, annual donations to the fire department & rescue squad prevent me from needing them.... The Magic is real! :)

  7. So glad you continued to get power. That's NO FUN in winter or the scorching summer. We had a good weekend. Zach came home and until he starting feeling sick.......he was having a good time. Oh well. I bought him some Zycam as it always works for me. I went out in the freezing air to take horse photos at the barn. Nothing but trouble with that camera. LEarned my lesson

  8. I do think we have to embrace Winter. it's a season. you do it much better than I do :-)

  9. We didn’t get as much snow as predicted either, bot wow is it cold! It never got above 5 F today! I finished a book this weekend, too: Once Upon a River, by Diane Setterfield. It was really good. The weekend was nice and quiet with birdwatching, games of Banangrams, chili and cornbread, and football. Hope the week ahead is a good one for you. <3.

  10. Glad you didn't lose power. We hardly got any snow which made it so easy for us to go skiing.. the rest of the long weekend we just stayed home.. which was perfect.


  11. Our weekend was good. Friday my hubby picked up our beef from the butcher...the new freezer is now full...especially after hubby's brother gifted us with two HUGE boxes of salmon that he'd had in his freezer as a result of all the salmon fishing he does when he goes to his cabin in Alaska during the summer months. Then Saturday we stayed in and Sunday we stayed in again because our church services were canceled due to the ice we had. It was a nice quiet and very relaxing weekend.

  12. I love your stained-like glass window. It's 57° right now, starting from 40 this morning which is cold for us here in the Bay Area. I should wear my shawls in the house more but I do get a bit irritated fiddling with them. I do have shawl pins which are somewhere.

  13. Our weekend was very quiet, which is just how I like it! I was disappointed that we received more ice than snow but also grateful that our power didn't go out! I worked on my cowl and continued reading The Snow Girl and on Saturday we went out for lunch, just to get out of the house. : )


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