Holly cat loaf
This weekend we saw my husband's mother and family.

The drive up and back was beautiful with the trees being in 'peak' color.  New York was beautiful.

buffet restaurant getting all creative
 We ate out each night, we did some shopping and some socializing with family.

more creativity

We visited his father's gravesite - it's been a year since September.  More time passing faster than ever.

I'm home and both Holly and Frodo were so happy to see us! 

How was your weekend?


  1. I t looks like a beautiful day. Glad you got to spend time with your MIL.

  2. How nice you were able to visit your husband's family. I bet your MIL really appreciates seeing you. Time does pass by but thank goodness memories are a constant. We had a nice quiet weekend catching up since our Texas trip. It is nice to go road tripping and especially nice to come home.

  3. We mostly stayed in this weekend. It was pretty rainy and chilly.

  4. What a beautiful post, your MIL must be so grateful to you spending the weekend with her at this time.

    We too have had a very busy weekend, we are staying with friends in Scotland we were canoeing on Saturday and went for a very long bike ride yesterday. Today we are tired and having a more restful day!

  5. I'm glad you were able to visit your MiL, and that you had such delightful autumn weather for it! It looks like she's wearing a lovely handknit shawl which might be from your needles (or maybe she's a knitter herself?)

  6. So good to spend time with family! I love that creative buffet.
    We had a rather uneventful weekend, met some friends at happy hours, worked on the house and rested a bit. Those are the good ones ;-)

  7. How nice to go visit family - but even nicer to get home! It does look like you had a fun weekend though! I hope your week is calming and you can get back to your knitting!

  8. What a beautiful weekend in your part of the country to take a drive and visit family. Here, in Colorado we had winds gusting to 50mph. So as you can guess, no outside play here. Also, no leaves left on a tree!

  9. How lovely to visit with his mother. I'm sure you made her very happy.

    Here, we did just about nothing! Still trying to "scrape ourselves off the ceiling" after all the Drama of the Washing Machine Saga. -smile-


  10. What a fun and sweet visit you had. We went up to the city to celebrate the teen's birthday with the ohana. I got to sleep in Saturday. Yesterday I played w/my new die cuts and had fun spending the birthday money my brother and SIL gave me online!

  11. We did lots of singing on Saturday at our choir retreat, getting a head start on Christmas music. Since it was a very rainy day, being inside and singing was great. Glad you got to enjoy family along with all that nature offers at this time of year.

  12. Oh we love cemetery visits. Im glad you got to go. My weekend was done after the barn event.....I have been laying very low and trying to turn the corner on this darn cold . This is the worst one I've had in years......

  13. What a lovely visit ... and so glad you had pretty trees and blue skies for the cemetery visit (wow, a year... already!) It's great to see you and your MIL in your hand knit neckwear, too :-)

  14. What a nice visit. It is important to visit family, pay respects and combine that with a trip that enjoys some pretty vistas and shopping.


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