Oh boy did I have some technical difficulties this morning.  There's always something to keep me on my toes.  However, I solved the problem of my dropbox account NOT syncing.  Phew.  How was your weekend?

Well, we still have company (my son and his girlfriend) until dinnertime today.  They were to leave this morning but want to stay for the day.  Isn't that nice? 

I had a quiet weekend with their company, lots of knitting, reading, talking and watching movies.  I am grateful for my mighty new dishwasher that is a godsend when people are here.  The dishes are so clean!  I should have upgraded years ago. 

Anyways, I'm over half way through reading Grant, trying my best to wrap up this read by January 31st.  Wish me luck.  My purple sweater is nearing the edging portion of the sweater instructions.  This project is my go to knit while reading my kindle.  Miles of stockinette while reading miles of history. 

The weather was dreary each and every single day.  This morning there's a dusting of snow (yay).  Snow takes away some of the dreariness in my mind.  In my daily pink planner I might document what I witness each day in nature, doesn't that sound like a peaceful mindful habit?  I just thought of it while writing about my weekend. 

I started a new project with the yarn in the above photo - I'll reveal my pattern choice on Wednesday!


  1. I like your pink journal for 2020 and documenting nature sounds wonderful. IF I were to journal, that is what I would do. Your new yarn is so pretty. I'm guessing a shawl??? The weather was sort of not so pleasant over the weekend, wasn't it? No snow for us, but Mailing says there is snow up by her office (near Allentown). Have a great week!

  2. I love the colorful line of markers down your sweater and that new yarn is gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing what pattern you've chosen.

  3. I too love that line of markers! It is such a satisfying thing to do *and see*!! I can't wait to see what you will do with that lovely yarn!

  4. I loved Grant! It was the best book I listen to in 2018!

  5. Frodo looks like he's not so sure he wants to BE outside in that one picture.

  6. While the weather was wet and gray it wasn't as cold as usual and we took that as a blessing.. today the sun is out but it freezing out..

  7. Love the view you have, over your pool... -happy sigh- Much to be said, for living out in the country. Where you can have such uninterrupted views of nature.

    Sounds like a lovely weekend. Very lovely.

    I have been wanting snow! We really need it. So happy to wake to some, this morning!!!!! Oh even an overcast day, is lovely, when it snows!!!


  8. Glad to hear that you have worked out your technical difficulties. Lovely that your visitors stayed an extra day. Journaling about nature sounds like the perfect kind of journalling to me.

  9. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your family. Reading and knitting at the same time is so much fun. I used to but now I do colorwork and I cannot really read. Audio books work well for me though.

    Snow! Good for you. I live in the Netherlands but still no snow. I love snow.

    I hope you have a wonderful week.

  10. aw, sweet Frodo! Love those colorful markers with the gray wool ... a bright spot always makes me smile!

  11. Frodo! Always reminds me of our Missy growing up. A touch o snow., here, and a touch more expected. . Nothing that will be a bother for anyone. Just one the grasses and fields

  12. Sounds like a wonderful peaceful winterweekend. Wishing you a great week!

  13. What a wonderful idea to document nature in such a pretty journal. How nice that family stayed a little longer than anticipated always a joy.

  14. That Frodo is so sweet. Such expressive eyes. Your sweater is swimming right along. I am glad you had such a peaceful weekend. I begin my daily journal note with a few sentences about the weather, sky, and or birds outside my window. At times that kind of beginning seems mundane but it grounds me in the present so I guess it works for me.

  15. Look at sweet Frodo! He is so cute. I see you have Ann Patchett's newest book, have you read it yet? I have it as well and am just about to begin it. : )

    1. I started it awhile ago and it's my nighttime reading, so there's little progress! I am enjoying it though!


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