How was your weekend?

Ours was quite cold, even Frodo has had enough of the frigid temperatures. Lucky for us today just might be above freezing! Yesterday around 3 pm, Frodo and I took a walk because it was warm -- 23 degrees -- what a weird mindset to think that that temperature is balmy. We bundled up and layered up. Frodo hates to wear sweaters and coats but I think he is coming around to the benefits of some cozy warmth. How do I know? Well he doesn't run away from me when I pull it off the hook. The coat he's wearing now I ordered from amazon and I think it keeps him toasty warm.

Yesterday afternoon we attended our grand-nephew's first birthday party. How nice to be with a small family gathering to celebrate one year old. And I did not cook dinner since we at a big lunch - double bonus for me.

My weekend mainly was reading and knitting but I didn't snap a photo of either of those activities so you are left with an early morning photo of my morning reads. 


  1. Looks like you have about the same amount of snow as we do - about 5" here. Blustery cold. Wind howling. We stayed inside ALL weekend. Plenty of reading, naps, stitching and knitting. Also some baking. It was a great weekend!! Glad you are keeping Frodo warm. That is a very jaunty looking sweater/jacket he is wearing!

  2. It was really cold here, too, and like Frodo, I had to bundle up! Even with an alpaca headband over my ears, my face and ears really stung after being outside for a while. I'm ready for a warm-up!

  3. Sherman really does not like the cold at all... so even with a sweater on, his internal time goes off in about a minute! LOL

  4. Frodos jacket looks quite dapper on him. Does he wear foot coverings too? Sounds like a lovely weekend for you and yours. How nice not to need to cook for a day. My weekend was spent knitting, reading and watching football playoff games.

    1. No snow here over the weekend, thankfully. Our rain though did return though, and we got quite wet on just a short walk. The skies look more promising today. Love Frodo's jacket!

  5. Sounds like you all had a lovely weekend. I had to look up your temperature as I work in Centigrade, that is very cold! Our temperatures are around 33 here (in Fahrenheit so a lot warmer!) Knitting and reading sounds like the perfect way to spend time. Hope you have a lovely week x

  6. It has been cold here too. I want to get out to the lake to do some photography, but it has just been too cold for that.

    Frodo looks very dapper in his coat.

  7. Love Frodo's plaid coat. You'd laugh at us over here on the west coast; we're freezing when it's 60 and below. It's always fun to go to a birthday party; yay for not having to cook a meal that day.

  8. It sounds like a freezing cold but perfect weekend. So glad little Frodo has a coat that keeps him nice and warm. Have a great week!

  9. Frodo looks very dashing in his plaid jacket. I'll send some of our balmy January weather east. We had another quiet weekend with some nice walks and Sunday coffee.

  10. Hi Karen,
    ...it's been chilly here as well...Jack-Jack wears his little plaid coat too...we had a little bit more snow over the weekend too...and I've just finished reading the last of the Heriot books...so I can focus more on the read harder challenge...I just got my third challenge book on hold at the library...it's Hamnet...about Shakespeare's son...stay warm and cozy...
    ~Have a lovely day!

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