How was your weekend? Well over here we got, you guessed it, more snow. Our driveway is a big mess and that is with my husband snow blowing it several times. How are you? Before I begin with my weekend I wanted to say thank you for all the congratulatory messages over our sweet little grandson. We cannot wait to meet him in person.

My weekend was pretty good. The days were mostly quiet with lots of reading. Miraculously my wrists stopped hurting so it was an arthritis flare, thank goodness. Now I am working on the blanket with less animosity towards it. 

My new cross stitch project is over two threads of linen (32 count) and I CANNOT SEE IT clearly. I hope the new glasses help if and went they come in. I do not want to use a magnifying glass contraption (stubborn lady). If by the end of this project I'm still frustrated I will go back to Aida cloth for projects. This is my very first project over two threads and I'm hoping I hit a rhythm to the stitching over a period of time.

Sunday was the household chores, I try my best to get them done by lunchtime. It is rare that I do but I like to think I can do it. 

How was your weekend? 


  1. Best of luck with your driveway and the linen! I know you wear glasses, but I wonder if it might help if you wore some of those magnifying glasses while stitching? At least you can work on your blanket without issues now, and that's a good thing.

    1. I am getting special reading prescription glasses and will see how they work out. I will try readers as well. Thanks!

  2. I hear you on the *can't see* issue. Oh boy. I need to make an appointment to get my eyes examined!

  3. Sunny and mild temps here all weekend. But we will pay for it this summer when the trmps soar into the 110s. We had Mass on Saturday and Sunday I did grocery shopping. Knitting was done both days as well as making some yummy meals.

  4. It was a pretty quiet weekend here. Lots of knitting and planning knitting. There was a bit of cooking which led to some fine eating. Life is good.

  5. Your weekend sounds wonderful. I hope the glasses fix the seeing issue, it is a nightmare when we can't see to do things isn't it. Love the photo of out your window in the snow.

    We had a wild stormy weekend here but it didn't stop me getting out. I did more decluttering/deep cleaning, loving this. The house is slowly feeling so much more open and clean. Had a whole day out by myself which was lovely, I met with a friend for a couple of hours it was lovely to catch up.

  6. So glad you are feeling better. I guess it's a good thing you enjoy winter! Have a great week Karen. :)

  7. Was quiet here too. with the weather that moved through it too sloppy to get out. Got lots of knitting on my cardigan and did some reading. I am making plans for the garden already! I cannot wait!

  8. I totally understand the problem with seeing small things. I have progressives, but when I read a book, I just take my glasses off and hold the book close. I love the picture of the living room with your kitty on the couch. Have a great week. See you again soon!

  9. That really is a pretty living room picture. Sweet Holly. I use magnifiers that go on like a headband and then the magnifier part flips down over my glasses. I used to see so well...but now not so much. My weekend was over too soon.

  10. So glad your hands are feeling better! It looks like you have some fun projects in the works. Our weekend was great, dinner with our son on Friday and dinner again with our local daughter and family plus a couple of nice walks, too. Today the sun is out!!

  11. I had a lovely weekend. A couple get-togethers with one friend at a time, and some virtual events, too.
    I'm jealous of your snow. We've almost none. And I bought new x-country skis this fall!

  12. I have found that if I use the drugstore readers (2.0 or greater) I can see the finer stitching. I now get frustrated when I try to stitch with just my own glasses. I like your stitching. Keep warm.

  13. I'd love to have some of that snow. I'm glad your wrist feels better. We had another quiet but sunny weekend with some nice walks.

  14. Oh boy, 32 count? Your eyes are way better than mine if you can stitch on that during the day. I have to use a magnifying light. What an awesome Grammy you'll be; he's going to get such terrific knits from you.

  15. Hi Karen,
    ...our snow is gone...and maybe we will not get any more this year...but we sometimes have snow into March...your new cross-stitch looks beautiful...maybe a house...I just finished a little giftie for Our Airman's anniversary in Japan on tiny count too...it really makes it a lot more difficult...best wishes with yours...
    ~Have a lovely day!


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