Easter Preparations


Good morning! Finally spring weather is here, well temporarily. I have the patio all set up and we had our first sit out two days ago. The patio is one of our favorite features of this house. In the photo above is our backyard and down the hill can you see the half buried swimming pool? We are trying to figure out how to completely bury it. No ideas so far, but I welcome yours. My husband is trying to figure out how to remove the coping around the edges of the pool. We also need a ton of dirt. 

Our local family will be at our house for Easter Sunday dinner. I've been busy creating a menu and writing down all the 'to dos' that need to be done. I'm lucky my sister is helping with the cooking. I'll miss my kids but there is Zoom and that makes it nice!

I have not done a single stitch of my cross stitch project in over a week. I snapped a photo to show you my progress and to visually remind me to work on it once again. I'm working on the second baby gift sweater as well. My hands will thank me when I am done working with cotton.

For those who celebrate, I hope you have a blessed Easter weekend. 


  1. It is nice to be close to some family so you can get together! I hope you have a lovely weekend and also get to see the kids' smiling faces on Zoom. Happy Easter!

  2. So nice to have a family gathering on Easter. Enjoy every minute! And nice work on the stitching, too.

  3. We are mostly skipping Easter this year. Only my MIL is here. I might make a really small ham, but not the big spread that I make when all are here. Enjoy your family celebration.

  4. Happy Easter Karen, have a lovely time. It's been the hottest day so far this year, the UK weather man said. We did some gardening and decorating. A bit more decorating tomorrow, then church and rest on Sunday x

  5. Happy Easter. Your backyard looks lovely. All that lush green is a sight for winter weary eyes.

  6. Nice to be able to spend holidays with your family, Even if the kids can't join.

  7. Your garden looks lovely. No ideas on how to bury a swimming pool sounds like a big job! Your cross stitch is lovely x

  8. That sounds like quite a task and a challenge to bury a swimming pool. I think I may need to switch to cross stitching as all I have to do is follow the pattern as the stitching is easy and guaranteed.


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