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Breakfast Oats with Blueberries

I stumbled upon another obsession with food, first it was avocados and now it's soaked oats  (breakfast will never be the same).  I'm probably one of the few people that like cold breakfasts, so when I came across "soaked overnight oats",  I read "I don't have to cook at the crack of dawn" oats.  To make this delicious dish I measure out 1/2 cup of rolled oats (I use gluten free ones) and 1/2 cup of "milk".  I am currently using light soy milk.  Mix it together, cover it up overnight.  In the morning it looks like the above photo.  The hardest part of this recipe is remembering to mix it the night before.  I am in love with this breakfast so much that I have been diligent in creating my breakfast before bed.  Anyways, in the morning, splash some more milk of choice, add a handful of blueberries and for the sweet tooth some sugar. cold soaked oats with blueberries-check.  juice in my pooh bear glass-check.  morning poetry-check

Make and Listen Along

I've been itching to join  Dawn Suzette  over at Simple Things Notebook  on her Thursday link up .  I enjoy reading each week the blog posts that participate, so here I am diving in.  You thought I would show more knitting didn't you?  Well, this time I thought I'd share what my husband remade a few weeks back. This shelf was an old beat up shelf with the bottom ledge completely missing, and yet we saved it in the basement.  We are notorious at having a difficult time throwing stuff away.  And you can't donate a broken shelf.  So I was sitting and thinking (I do that sometimes) about how I wanted to move my dying plants closer to the sliding glass door and have all of my cookbooks in the kitchen easily accessible.  I've shopped at stores, again too cheap to pay money for a piece of furniture that is not solid wood. I remembered the sad shelf, brought it up and used the two remaining intact shelves for some plants.  My husband offered to replace all the woo