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I've been itching to join Dawn Suzette over at Simple Things Notebook on her Thursday link up.  I enjoy reading each week the blog posts that participate, so here I am diving in.  You thought I would show more knitting didn't you?  Well, this time I thought I'd share what my husband remade a few weeks back.

This shelf was an old beat up shelf with the bottom ledge completely missing, and yet we saved it in the basement.  We are notorious at having a difficult time throwing stuff away.  And you can't donate a broken shelf.  So I was sitting and thinking (I do that sometimes) about how I wanted to move my dying plants closer to the sliding glass door and have all of my cookbooks in the kitchen easily accessible.  I've shopped at stores, again too cheap to pay money for a piece of furniture that is not solid wood.

I remembered the sad shelf, brought it up and used the two remaining intact shelves for some plants.  My husband offered to replace all the wood and spray paint the metal braces and did so within 48 hours.  As you can see the end result is lovely, has memories and most of all cost us nothing at all.  He has wood in his wood stash, like I have yarn in my yarn stash-but yarn stashing is much more fun than wood stashing-just saying.

I believe the plants are much happier with more sunlight and seem to be doing well, as long as I don't water them.  For some reason I tend to over water now I try to water once every three urges to water.  It seems to be working.

I've been listening to my podcasts and playing catch up.  Here is a brief list of my current listens (out of many!):

The knitmore girls podcast
literary disco
The savvy girls podcast


  1. Love the shelf- nothing like a talented and handy husband. Perfect spot for your plants and to check out Simple Things Notebook.

  2. oooh that looks like an inviting little corner! I recently put a small wooden shelving unit in our dining room to hold..... cookbooks and plants, fancy that. (and there are even three plants on mine as well) great minds....
    I too am joining in with dawn for my first time this week~ I think I could use it as a motivator to keep on the ball with my to make and do lists, hmm....

  3. That's a really good idea, and now your plants are happy.

  4. LOL the wood stash. That is my dad! Always a bit of wood for this project or that.
    The shelf is great. Love giving things a new life!
    He did a wonderful job and you are doing splendid at keeping those plants alive. I tend to overwater but that is almost impossible to do now here in NM so now I only kill things from not enough water!
    So happy you joined in this week!

  5. his: wood stash
    her: wool stash

    hmmm...curious they're only separated by one little letter :)

  6. I love this little shelf. I've never heard of Simple Things Notebook, thanks for sharing!

  7. This sounds so familiar, my husband has a wood stash too :)

    Have you tried The Stitched Together podcast, it's quite new so she's only just getting into her stride, but it's very good.

  8. Lovely shelf, plants and light :) We love wood around here too...but I have to say my yarn stash is bigger than the wood stash. Hee!

    Great to see you at Make and Listen Along :)

  9. oh, those plants look MUCH happier! the jade and the cactus in particular!!!! i love reusing/upcycling/restoring....something from nothing--for nothing! Perfect! and Lovely!

  10. Awesome. We are the same and have trouble throwing things out. I probably have seven or eight tables in the attic but can't give them up just in case we need them.

  11. Haha, a wood stash, my hubby has one of those too! Love the shelf.

  12. I'm impressed with the volunteer AND then, a 48 hour turnaround. Look great with your plants and cookbooks! We share your difficulty parting with things.. that we MIGHT NEED SOMETIME. ;) Great re-use! blessings ~ tanna

  13. My daughter is an overwaterer. She has watered a pot on the patio to within an inch of it's life. The water does not drain anymore. And I can't get her to water any other pots.
    Your shelves look great. I love repurposing things!

  14. Ah, how cool! We are also fans of mend and make do around here:) It helps to have a husband who knows how to do things--mine is a pro too! It turned into a lovely little nook there. I think I also killed some plants by overwatering...we are kindred spirits! My one remaining succulent is hanging on well, though, now that I only water it when it looks bone dry. here's to surviving plants!

  15. Wood stash....I love it. My husband has a car parts stash...for specific cars. Love your plants!

  16. Thank you for sharing The Knitmore Girls podcast...had never heard of them before! How fun!

  17. A lovely use of the wood stash! And thanks for the podcast links too, I love discovering new ones. :)

  18. Very few indoor plants lately. I need to put that on my fall list. Right now I should concentrate on keeping my tomatoes alive. Your shelf looks great. I like to give things new life,too. And I might have inquired a new desk for my work with my hubby but I don't have love for the newer manufactured stuff like I do that old beast of a wooden desk that is solid and heavy and won't fit in my new space. But I'll not get rid of it just find a new spot. Simple things and knitmore girls -two more things to check out this week.


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