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Bear Hat and Mittens

I successfully knitted a bear hat and a pair of mittens over the weekend and promptly gifted them to the preschooler.  She was thrilled even though she is battling another cold (preschool!!) and feeling under the weather. I hope I do not catch it. I did a lot of hand washing and using hand sanitizer but I have a compromised immune system due to my autoimmune disease and the medicines I take.  Fingers are triple crossed I have dodged the germs! Anyways, I am done with knitting little hats and mittens for now.  I consider these small projects her PRE- birthday gifts.  What are you working on this week?

Cat Hat and Mitts

Last week I delightfully fell down a fabulous rabbit hole of knitting for the preschooler whom I babysit.  Finally I found a pattern that she was so excited about.  When I arrived early in the morning I showed her the cat hat telling her I needed to sew the ears on and then it was hers. She was thrilled!  Over and over she said 'Mrs. Karen, I love my cat hat'.  She wore it for most of the day. Because she loved the hat so much, I whipped up some mittens as well.  Thank you Jane for the mitten pattern recommendation.  Super easy and fun!  When I finished the first mitt, she tried it on and then said 'Mrs. Karen, you did a great job on my mittens'.  (YUP.) Today she thanked me again for her hat and requested that I knit the bear hat that was pictured with the cat hat on the pattern.  Well of course!

Monitoring Mindfulness

This week was my reentry into babysitting.  I had a lovely month off which went by way too quickly.  From now until June, I will be babysitting once a week without any holidays or breaks unless there is a snow day.  The preschooler and I have some great times, we try to get a walk in as long as it isn't too cold or too windy.  We bundle up and talk non stop about shiny rocks.  There's a lot to be said about shiny rocks and what constitutes as a 'good' shiny rock.  I have learned that she is the expert and I am the apprentice. I witnessed a beautiful yet unexpected snowfall mid-week.  Glorious!  I was happy to wake up to a few inches of snow and eager to wear my new snow boots (the above photo is not a photo of my snow boots!). I've been tracking my days in my daily planner diligently.  I'm surprised by a few things after only a mere ten days into 2020.  When I track what I'm doing, I want to write down something interesting.  Surfing the 'ne