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Exploding with Ideas

I think I could eat a bowl of Cheerios every single day for the rest of my life.  Boring maybe but gosh I do love them so.  Today my daughter starts the two day Bar exam test....fingers crossed!  Around here the days have been mild, outside I inhale that coolness and embrace the chill in the air. Remember a few days ago I said I wanted to finish a pair of socks.  Well, of course my left hand started to ache so I had to set aside that project and let my hand heal. My hand is fine now but I think to be safe I'll let it rest more, for some reason my dpn knitting is hard on my hands.  Using wooden needles has helped but still I get aggressive in the knitting. I walk around day in and day out with ideas that pop into my head, visions of projects to be or maybe who should receive what gift that's been knitted by me for Christmas.  I'm exploding with ideas!  I dream of fingerless mitts or a cowl as the theme for the holidays.  What do you think? What I love best abo


-We don't stop playing because we get old; we get old because we stop playing-                                                                                                                     Satchel Paige Five or so years ago, I wrote out some goals during the end of December for resolutions.  I focused on three areas:  spirituality, creativity and health.  My spirituality goal easily evolved into praying in the mornings and establishing a daily practice.  Creativity is evident with all the knitting I produce but I wanted to get back to writing in a journal and making that a daily habit.  With the help of expanding my morning alone time and creating an environment to sit and ponder, I am happy with my daily journal entries, participating in writing prompts. My health goal was the last aspect of my daily life that I procrastinated on.  I do not like to move unless I am getting more yarn for a knitting project.  I thrive sitting inside and cocooning myself away from the