Happy New Year

Another year has past and a new one has begun.  My knitting goals are pretty broad.  I want to knit a lot.  I want to knit projects that I like.  Of course I would love to knit through my yarn stash.  I usually do but I do own lots of yarn that is decades old (you read correctly).  I was successful at donating a box of it last year.  Maybe if I manage a box a year, then the 10 year old yarn might be gone!

This month I am joining TwoKnitWit and her friends in knitting the Advent Calendar Scarf.  She will be posting her progress at her blog:  Girls in Sheep Clothing.  Last January I made this lovely scarf:

For this month's scarf, I decided on lace weight yarn.  I also went into the yarn stash, as I was determined NOT to buy more yarn.  I have two and a half skeins of Knit Pick's Gloss Lace in a beautiful silver gray.  


  1. What beautiful scarves! And what a lovely yarn basket you have there.

  2. 24 different lace patterns? Wow! No wonder it looks so marvelous!


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