Beautiful Day

Doesn't Frodo look like he desperately needs a hair cut?  He gets groomed next Friday and that day cannot come soon enough.  I comb out tangles and weeds every other day.  The best vegetation to comb out is from the flower bed~sigh~because he smells like oregano or thyme.  My husband would love to find a way to keep him out but he is just so happy in there exploring.  We call it his play pen!  Foolishly we put up a wire decorative fence that worked for about two days.  Now he jumps over it.  Maybe he is smarter than both of us put together.

So far I am finding teeny tiny evidence that spring is around the corner.  The snow has finally melted. Today the sky is such a bright blue and it is not freezing cold either.  The air also smells and feels different.  I am looking forward to my two lilac bushes to bloom.  Every year they take a beating from the deer nibbling on them but they manage to bloom beautifully.

My knitting continues to be the same projects, a cardigan and a shawl.  Both projects are slow going right now.  Partly because I have not been knitting as much because of Spring Break and partly because every time I sit and knit I make a stupid mistake and have to undo it.


  1. Mia is due for a grooming too, I only wish she smelled like herbs!!! Glad that white stuff has melted away for you...


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