Something Different

I think this weekend I will be taking a mini break from my two knitting projects.  I am really enjoying them but feel the need to do a fast knit.  This lovely yarn was gifted to me by my goddaughter for Christmas.  It is Bernat cottontots in doll house colorway.  I think I will just do a waffle stitch and make some dish clothes.  Easy peasy.

This afternoon one of our local libraries is having a book sale.  My daughter and I are going to drop by and see if they have any books of interest.  Last year I found this copy of Rebecca that was printed in 1940.  I did some minor repair of the paper cover so it would not rip anymore.  I read this book back in high school and loved it.  It is on my never-ending shelf of "to read" books.

Lastly, I have a picture of Frodo after his makeover.  Of course he is moving in the photo and his tongue is sticking out.  But just look at that fresh haircut!  He smells so nice and feels so soft.  His hairdo will last about 36 hours and then he will look a mess again.


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