Shawl Update (again)

Well well well I was so sure of myself.  I posted yesterday about this shawl and then blogger had a big hiccup and removed it.  So now I am left to blog again about this shawl but with a slightly different twist.  Yesterday I spent about 1-2 hours trying to fix a "tiny" mistake without ripping out.  I did it twice, each time thinking I was successful and then when I would look at it again after a mini break and doubt my handiwork.  In the afternoon, once again starting the pattern I STILL had a mistake.  So today I knit backwards six-seven rows. Why does knitting backwards take so long?  I really did not want to take it off the needles since alpaca is slippery and I knew the stitches would be lost.  So I am glad to report that I have fixed the problem and I only have three more repeats and then onto the next chart!  (unless I make another mistake)

As for coffee......I used the four cup maker that is my daughter's and it makes me love my old coffee maker even more.  Just think in one week my replacement maker will be delivered and all will be right in the morning :)

My other news is that my son and his doubles partner made it to the district semi-finals.  Yesterday's third tennis match was fantastic! It was really hot sitting there on the bleachers and I am sure it was hotter for the tennis players.  Usually it is still spring jacket weather around here in May. So there will be more tennis next week, what a season.


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