This weekend contained:

-saving a toad from the skimmer of the pool
-opening the pool (no one has been in....yet!)
-focusing on knitting my cashmere cardigan sleeves
-sketching out a menu for THE graduation party for both kids in two weeks
-finally purchasing a swing for the patio (this took more than three years-I quit being picky)
-tolerating very high humidity
-a Memorial Day birthday (our son is 18 years old today!)
-more cake
-enjoying last couple of days our daughter is off before she starts her summer job

Joining Amanda at Habit of Being


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun at your home. Happy birthday to your son. One of mine son's turned 18 this past March...where does the time go?
    Enjoy a beautiful day today my friend.
    PS- turn the a/c way down and wear your beautiful shawl!

  2. I love the toad! Happy birthday to your son - enjoy all that cake!

  3. sounds like a great weekend. How fun to find a toad in your pool

  4. I would totally take three years to pick out a swing too! I am glad you had a wonderful weekend!
    xo, Angela


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