Cape May

As promised I have a few more pictures of our vacation at Cape May, New Jersey.  This photo is the view from the porch of where we stayed, Victorian Lace Inn (one of the condos).  They serve breakfast every morning-double yum!

Most of the Victorian houses have a porch and if they are really lucky a wrap around porch.  I have always wanted one!  My husband and I have owned four houses during our marriage (one at a time) and not ONE has had a decent porch.

This is Congress Hall, which is even more beautiful in person.  It is now a hotel and you can shop the main floor stores.  The lobby is huge and gorgeous.  The entrance doors are old, and heavy.  It helps to push them open instead of pulling-my daughter loved pointing that out.....

This is the Mainstay Inn, again a super gorgeous porch!!  I would love to sit and knit there and watch the world go by, oh and have a cup of green tea :)

Every single morning, my daughter and I would walk the town.  We usually ended up at Washington Street Mall always doing some window shopping.  Then we would just walk anywhere and everywhere.  Beautiful!!  Every evening we all walked as a family to the main part of town deciding where to eat.  After dinner was a walk on the beach.  The beach has very few people on it at the end of the day so it is quite peaceful.  I love how the sand has cooled off and the sea breeze is "breezier".


  1. What a beautiful town! I love porches too. Having a porch in the south I think is a requirement...that and drinking iced tea!

  2. Beautiful, really! I agree with you about porches.

  3. You have definitely just inspired the wanderlust in me... I am not in fact not one for much travel, but you nailed my idea of the perfect get away! Thanks for sharing.

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. What a beautiful town. Our house does not have a porch either.

  5. Such wonderful pictures! I saw those porches and said "Hey.. that's a great place to watch the world by and knit.." :)

  6. Oh, you are making me want to visit. You describe it so beautifully. I love all those porches!

  7. Sounds like a great trip! I am such a fan of front porches...and family vacations!

  8. Oh my gosh, I didn't realize how close we live! We are in New Jersey. I have never been to Cape May though--you make me want to change that.


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