The Knitting Nook

I really enjoy being able to see my favorite yarns and books and that is why there is a knitting nook in my family room.  I do not have a craft room but I am totally fine with that.  In the family room is where I do my knitting.  This table (made by my husband years ago) holds everything I need.  It is also my inspiration.  I can look at the hanks of yarn that I have purchased and think about what I might make of them.  I have a jar of neutral buttons (another big tin can upstairs holds the rest of my button collection).  There is a big box on the bottom shelf that contains all of my knitting needles and markers that I do not use regularly.  This nook is where my favorite yarns have a home. 

The huge wire basket holds all of my lace weight yarn.  It is supposed to hold a vegetables after picking them from the garden.  Harvesting hanks of fiber is much more fun for me. 

The dog in the photo is Zoe.  She was a much loved pet who died in December 2009.  We loved her so much that we decided to get Frodo in the same month.  Zoe never even considered trying to get out of the back yard :)  But then she weighed 67's kind of tough when you cannot fit under or through a fence.

I have much more yarn in my walk in closet.  That is where I keep the cottons, blends, worsted weights and novelty yarn.  
Before my daughter left for school she raided the closet for some acrylic yarns to make charity knitted items.  There were skeins in there that have sat around for decades and now they will have a purpose.  

Do you have a knitting nook?  Where is it in your house? 

(yes!  I did knit the table runner it is on this project page)


  1. I love seeing your knitting nook and the table your husband made is beautiful. I have a spot in my school/studio room that is now holding my knitting needs. Once I finish moving books around I'll have to take a photo.xx
    PS- you have some really pretty yarn!

  2. what a great, pretty area! that would totally have to be locked off from my kids as they would tear everything down and play with it.

  3. I love your knitting nook. I wish I had a space like that (but then three nosy kitties would re-decorate).

    I love your new header -- those colors are beautiful.

  4. Beautiful! I'll have to take a photo of mine...although it's not nearly as neat or compact as your space. The table is so gorgeous and I love the idea of harvesting yarn ;-)

  5. the box I sent you! I see it ;)

    sweet ~ I'm glad you are using it!


  6. Beautiful. I love the way it all looks and how convenient it keeps things. All of my yarn and knitting supplies are displayed or stored in my bedroom. In the living room I have a basket where I keep my current project. I love being able to see yarn and knits, perfectly homey!

    Blessings, Debbie

  7. I love your knitting nook! A little more than half my stash is tucked into two sections of our cube bookshelf in the living room. (The rest is in a cardboard box ...) I love the way it displays the color ... it makes me happy. :)

  8. Oh love love the knitting nook! I wish I was that contained. I have a craffice and yet my knitting, sewing, whatever else I may be working on seem to find their way about the house...

  9. Thank you for sharing your nook, it's so inspiring! I especially love the table that your husband built. You two are quite the creative pair!

  10. Your nook is lovely and so cozy. Love the runner. I think my knitting nook is my purse. I love yours though. Is that Sean of the Sheep I see?

  11. Beautiful knitting nook! So inspiring - although I'll admit I'm quite glad to hear you have a stash elsewhere, too!

  12. love this! And the yarn in your header is such a beautiful colour!

  13. I love your nook. I don't have anything right now but this has inspired me to re-look at my apartment and see if there is a space that can be transformed. I also love your rocking chair! I'm due with my first and trying to decide between a glider and a rocker. Although rockers are very hard to find it seems.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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