Our weekend was fantastic but a little different, it was hard to find a rhythm without the kids.  We do like our new quiet life overall.  It's just.....different!  We spent Saturday morning chatting with the kids and just relaxing about.  I knitted some and read some.  My husband played guitar.

In the afternoon, we decided to drive to Barnes and Nobles and browse about the store.  After that, we dropped in the grocery store and stocked up on some items that are unavailable in our town.  "What could you possibly not be able to get in your town?" You may ask.....well red lentils, of course!  My husband can make a fantastic daal that goes with his curry and the regular lentils do not taste as good.  

That evening we made a great stir fry with mushrooms, asparagus and some turkey.  Yum!  Once the dishes were done, we watched Dodgeball.  It was pretty bad, but we were laughing through it so was it really that awful?

Today we attended Mass, which was weird without the kids. Once home, we ate lunch and chilled.  I read some and knitted some.  I am so close to finishing the body of the sweater.  I am really looking forward to sleeves, the knitting will be super speedy then.

I only had one load of laundry today, usually I would have about four-five loads.  It looks like I am down to three loads a week.  That is definitely not weird at all and I love it :)

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  1. Sounds like you and your husband are gradually finding a childless routine. Looking forward to hearing what shenanigans you guys get into :)

    And Dodgeball is one of those so wrong, but too funny movies to enjoy!

  2. we saw dodgeball and the mr. was laughing so hard he woke the kids up. it's funny wrong ;-)

    i wonder what it would be like to do three loads of laundry a week...

  3. Seems to be a wonderful weekend to me... the pie crust in the post above looks awesome BTW. I can't remember the last time I had a decent quiche...


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