Here is a photo of the fetching mitts I whipped up in the car on our way to London Ontario.  I must say when you work with worsted weight yarn after days and days of fingering and lace weight yarn, the project is super fast and instantaneous.

I did four repeats of the simple cable for the cuff and three repeats of the cable for the palm.  So now my mitts are extra long and bigger.....maybe I'll see them if and when I drop them.  I still love my first pair where ever they may be.


  1. Oh pretty Karen. I would love to knit a few pairs for each of my sister's since their weather gets so cold.

  2. I love working with bigger yarn when everything is is knit in sock weight - everything feels amazingly fast :)

    Love the fetching pattern, I should add that to my queue. The yarn you used looks beautiful, hope you keep track of these ones ;)

  3. Your new fetchings are really very....fetching!!! Pretty!

  4. Lovely! I hear you may be in for some interesting weather this coming weekend? Think those mitts will get used??

  5. Amazing! You are such a fast knitter. Those would have taken me months! Oh, but they are beautiful!

  6. What is it about a mug and some lovely knitting that makes me feel all warm and cozy!! I think I love cool weather for that alone!!
    Quick question, why are they called fetching? I am going to try to cast on some fingerless gloves tonight--are they all called fetching?
    P.S. Can you pass on some of that speed and talent this way please?

  7. Beautiful!! I am a fan of worsted weight yarn, I just have no patience and I want to see the results super fast. So much for the zen part in knitting ;o)

  8. Karen! I'm impressed and envious - talk about speed knitting! I've looked at that pattern many just haven't launched into it.

    I have family very close to London! We used to visit that area when I was kid growing up in Ontario (before we moved to the east coast). Hope you had a good time.

  9. oh good, i'm so glad to see you have a pair again. i love the color you've chosen and the extra bit of lenght too. i added a few more repeats to the pairs i've made also, it's a lovely pattern though. and yes! it's quick. (i'm looking forward to the annabel after making this sweater with fingering weight too).

  10. they are gorgeous. Here's to bigger knits!


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