This weekend contained:

-lots of time in the car to visit family
-lots of time knitting in the car
-a discovery that I am missing my fetching mitts
-frantically knitting another pair to replace my missing mitts
-fun with family and enjoying the brisk autumn air
-knitting a sleeve and working on the second sleeve of my featherweight cardigan
-appreciating the changing fall colors and feeling relaxed and serene

How was your weekend?  Joining Amanda at habit of being


  1. I did my first bit of car knitting this weekend. It was just during errands around town, but still it was wonderful :-). I'm with you...this new season always makes me feel so calm. I love autumn. :-)

  2. Beautiful picture! I do love colorful leaves on the trees themselves, but since living in the city I've come to love them on the sidewalk just as much, I think ...

  3. i love all your car knitting. and the family time. wonderful. i'm smiling over your missing 'fetching'. would you believe each time i've knitted a pair, which i think is 5 or 6, i've given them away. and i don't own a pair either. same thing with toastys. i'm casting on soon too and this time they are mine. :)

  4. I can not wait to see your finished cardigan! Ok, I have to ask just because I really don't know, what are fetching mitts?
    Oh, and I love the photo!

  5. I love seeing leaves on the sidewalks (especially after a little rain when they're plastered to the cement). Sounds like quite an enjoyable weekend.

  6. I love how quickly fetching mitts make up! That was the pattern I made my daughter last year--then made myself a pair (and the dye lots were off, so the finger cuff of one is slightly darker than the rest of the mitt). So I made myself another pair--which is somewhere in la-la land misplaced, and I'm back to the dyelot off mitts. Why can't we ever lose the mistakes instead of the good things?

  7. Car knitting is great - unlike reading while riding! You must be a speed-knitter!

  8. I love long car rides just because of the knitting. What a fun way to spend the weekend. I just found your blog and l love it!

  9. Car knitting is so great! Glad you enjoyed such a lovely autumn weekend!

  10. i love car knitting! and i can imagine how fabulous those metal trees look surrounded by white snow.


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