This weekend contained:

-SNOW!  I love it and I sat most of Saturday knitting and watching it fall :)
-a dinner out with my husband at a new local favorite restaurant, their french fries are fantastic.
-a movie night watching Frankenstein (1931) I was not scared one little bit and could not stop smiling because I kept thinking of Young Frankenstein.
-last night we watched a new show from NatGeo titled: The Incredible Dr. Pol. Now this show I watched through my fingers (I am very squeamish when it comes to blood) and it is not a show for little kiddies, however his love of animals and his vocation shines through.
-guess what-----I found the lost mitts!!  They were in the hall closet that I searched twice before in a place I already checked.....I am apparently blind these days.  
-lots of thinking of what I have to get knitted up for the holidays....they are looming closer each day and I need to get to it.  I think I need two more gifts made in November, then three in December.  I can do it, right???

Joining Amanda at the habit of being.


  1. Ok, I want to come and sit with you, watch the snow fall and knit! Yes, you can get your knitting projects complete in time...I have complete faith in you!

  2. I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!!! I grew up in the Pittsburgh area--and we lived 5 years in Buffalo and I miss the snow more than anything else. (We RARELY get it here--more ice.)
    And you found your mitts just in time!!! Hooray!! I just knew they would turn up!!!!!!
    I'd say you definitely won the best weekend award.

  3. Brrr! Love snow but not yet. My parents got lots of snow and were out of power. She was mainly worried about her full freezers!

    I'm blind like that too. Glad you found your mitts.

  4. So beautiful! I am super jealous! we are still experiencing mild temperatures here in England. This is our first English winter so my children are praying for snow -LOL, and there you have it - in abundance. Lucky girl! Perfect knitty weather ;o)

  5. is there a better way to spend the day than knitting and watching the snow fall? me thinks not. and yum, french fries! love me some french fries. there is a place here that i visit just for the sweet potato fries ;-)

  6. Murphy's Law: You find your lost mittens after knitting up a new pair! Glad you found them though...any chance you found the scarf, mittens and fingerless glove my 6yo has lost in the last while (all lost on separate occasions!).
    We woke up to snow this morning - thankfully it's nearly gone. There were some very nervous treat-or-treaters here!

  7. So happy the snow made you happy. I'll be ready for it in another month. Holiday knits are one my mind too. I have knitted several gifts and cannot decide who to give them to...Im really picky about who gets my knits...

  8. If you can conjure lost mittens, you can do ANYTHING! :-) Oh, I love snow, too. We rarely see it here, but in my mind the winter rains become snowflakes ;-) Happy Halloween!

  9. You can DEFINITELY get your gifts made in time! You're a whiz at the needles!

    I am jealous of your snow! Waiting patiently for ours..

    .. and so glad you found your mitts!

  10. The mere idea of snow makes me terrified. I am so glad you like it!

  11. Karen, I just *knew* your mitts would turn up! ;-)

    I can't tell you how many times I have turned my house upside down looking for some lost item, and then found it in a place that I had *thoroughly* searched before. Sometimes I wonder if there is a mischievous ghost afoot :-)

    The snow was rather lovely, wasn't it?


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