Holiday Countdown

This Advent Calendar was made by my mother in 1990 and every year I pull it out I have wonderful memories of her and past Christmases.  When the kids were little they would fight over who was first to start the calendar.  It was valued to be the last so you could place the gold star at the top of the tree.  Now it is just me and every morning when I place an ornament I think of the kids.  I know when they get back from school for the semester break one of them will take over the duty.  Probably without the arguing.

I am so thankful that I started decorating the house last Saturday and finished on Sunday.  I used to be able to decorate all in one day.  Now it takes me two days, I am a little slower. I am okay with that.  The reason I am thankful especially this year is because I finished before my tiny cold started.  Now I am sitting with hot cups of tea staring at the tree.

My mom made the fabric tree, placemats and and the cross stitched table cloth!  She was quite the sewing queen.

As you may recall, I am done with Christmas shopping for the extended family.  All I have left is my husband and the kids.  I think that is why I am not stressed out during December.

So I am off to drink more tea and kick my cold as best as I can.  Have you decorated?


  1. It all looks so pretty Karen. The only thing I have done is our advent wreath and a Christmas candle. I really need to get a move on!
    I hope you feel better soon. Take lots of elderberry extract and grapefruit seed extract, it works!

  2. Oh sweetie, hope you are feeling better. I LOVE your Advent calendar. Can you share the pattern? What are those "hooky" things that hold the ornaments? We do a two day decorate too, but I think the kids want it done in a day. I can see next year we are going to have to block out an entire day with no phone calls and disruptions. I never thought I would have to do that. Feel better soon!

  3. oh karen i love all these things you have that your mothers made, they are beyond special. everything looks so lovely. i got a pang of envy for a moment, i haven't done one single thing yet. no decorating or shopping. and i 3 birthdays in dec too, my youngest, my grandson and my husband. agg! well, we did get the tree yesterday and it has gotten me in the mood, so this weekend i am excited to decorate and maybe even do some shopping (i've done a little making).
    i hope your cold is going away now, keep drinking your tea (i like ginger for colds).

  4. oh and did i see your knitting in the baskets near the tree?

  5. Aw, beautiful decorations! I love the advent calendar :)

    I'm waiting til the weekend to start my decorating. I usually do it Dec 1st without fail, but I want to take my time this year ;)

  6. Your Advent calendar reminds me of the Jesse tree my mom made. :) Yay Christmas decorations! I'm hoping that we get around to buying a Christmas tree before the end of the weekend ...

  7. Such a wonderful old-fashion-y tree!! (I used to have one of those advent calendars, similar, not exactly the same--and that fabric tree!!!--I bet they are with the missing glasses!!!)

    Hope your cold is improving every day.

  8. Beautiful advent calendar....I'm still sewing mine, ahem. So lovely to have so many of your mother's handmade items to display!
    Rest well and feel better!

  9. Okay so your last 3 posts have been full of deliciousness--first the yarn store, droool... then your yarn along post where I discovered there's a Jane Austen knits?!!!! Reeeaaaallly!!! Not to mention seeing those wonderful fingerless mitts. I am sorry you are starting to get sick, I guess the season has started. Your tree trimmings, advent calendar and decorations are darling feels cozy and festive where you are--despite your little cold... more tea!! yes yes more tea!!

  10. I so enjoyed this post with precious items made with love and enjoyed as family traditions. Things change over time... I still miss the kids being little and getting so excited about decorating the tree... now, it is more of a chore to do than and exciting event. I do always enjoy looking at it after it is done... and I'm so glad you can enjoy yours while you recuperate with your cup of tea. blessings ~ tanna

  11. Haven't started yet...other than to bring out the coveted GRinch Dish towel....heee heee
    Feel better. Your mom's crafting makes wonderful memories

  12. I love how you treasure your mums handmades. We have an advent calendar like that; my sister is using it for her kids (she got there faster than me!) :)
    We have a few fairy lights out and kite paper stars in the windows; we don't put our tree up until the night before Christmas Eve.
    Love all those advent traditions..

  13. the stuffed tree reminds me of one my mom made. I love all the decorations. What a welcoming home. Hope your are feeling better.

  14. So perfectly lovely, peaceful and full of love and Tradition! Beautiful post ~ Barefoot Mama

  15. You ARE ready, aren't you? Good for you, and I hope you feel better. The decorations are beautiful - your mom did a wonderful job. We're just now pulling our decorations out, so I have a ways to go. :-)

  16. Hi Karen, loved this post. I really love how special your Christmas decorations are. Handmade by people you love = the best decorations ever!
    We decorated over the weekend too - with two children in the house there's no chance of spreading it out over two days ;o)
    Hope you are feeling better.


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